transporting a stack

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transporting a stack

so after a few years of TEOTGKE awareness, i've finally taken the initiative and decided to leave my downtown 10th floor 1bedroom apt, for some space in a house in a small town all the way across the country where i can plant a little food, and maybe get a little more self sufficient. great news right, bugging out!!!

anyway, i have a serious question for turdville: i don't drive a car, am a lifelong city-dwelling batchelor, i am hiring cross country movers for my 'stuff', and flying myself and my cat over...i really don't know yet how i'm going to move my stack from here to there...and i've only got a few weeks.

i by no means have the biggest stack here, but it's enough to be a logistical snafu considering i'm not driving. i appreciate any and all advice offered.

here are my options as i see them, ranked in prudent order:

1. should i bite the bullet and courier them separately? just get it over with? brinks maybe?

2. should i disperse/hide it amongst my belongings and ship it with the movers?

3. should i lock it up tight in a few 'faux' boxes marked tools or something and ship it with the movers?

4. should i lock it up tight in an overly-obvious safe-box and ship it with the movers?

5. should i convert everything to gold at this terrible ratio and try to re-construct in the middle of nowhere?

i really want to keep the coins that i've collected. i don't want to divest any more than i have to for the move itself. what's the best way to get my it's entirety... 3000 miles without a car?

thanks in advance to turdville. i'm sure this is the right place to ask this question.