Secret Society of the Turd - (not so) First Meeting in Seattle

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Secret Society of the Turd - (not so) First Meeting in Seattle

My, what long, strange trip it’s been. Since first discovering the importance and unique position of precious metals in the global economy, to searching out and visiting my first LCS, buying my first ‘stack’ of a meager ~40 ounces of silver to where we are today.

The value of a community such as this one has always been enhanced due to the contributions, personalities, humor, insights and perspectives of the participants. While the site from its outset has fostered a free exchange of ideas, encouraged interaction through comments, posts, forum threads and live webinars, I have long toyed with the idea that it would be really cool to meet my fellow Turdites in person. I've certainly 'met' and 'spoke with' many here whom I would love to have a chance to meet, and a few whom I am proud to call friends despite never having had that chance.

Until the grand, global Turdville Summit can be organized, I figured it would perhaps be possible to take matters into our own hands. I would like to propose a meeting of the Secret Society of Turd (SST©), Pacific Northwest Chapter.

Proposed date: Sunday, February 8th, 4:00 PM

Proposed location: to be released to confirmed participants, SW Seattle, where we can appropriately lament our individual and collective boating accidents. In the unforeseen event there is overwhelming interest/response, I can also look into a larger venue or event hall, but for now it’s just a bar.

Contact: john dot yossarian896 @t hushmail period com

This is meant to be a completely informal gathering for any and all interested Turdites, local or visiting town that weekend. I have heard many arguments over the years AGAINST face-to-face meetings, the risks and dangers. Come on public transport/foot/taxi from a nearby but not proximal parking spot (many will be available nearby). Wear a mask or Seahawks face-paint. Never reveal your real name, if you so choose. Photography will be strictly controlled to ensure consensuality.

Perhaps even a few lurkers who rarely if ever post, or are uncomfortable with leaving an electronic trail online might be coaxed out of 'hiding' for some realtime interaction.

But I am increasingly convinced of the importance of personal, ‘REAL’ contacts, an actual network for ALL aspects of life – and the significance of this is, in my view, only going to increase in the days, months and years to come. Whether to swap stories, drown nosediving mining share tickers in beer, network professionally, share tips on gardening and (negative or positive) experiences in educating friends and family, I think this could be a fun occasion. Worst-case scenario – we sample the tap’s many local brews, and part company, never to meet again. Who knows, y’all might be such miserably, blightly buggers that I’ll flee with the first pint unfinished…

OR perhaps this could be the beginning of a regular bi-monthly/monthly get-together. If only 1 pair of people click and become friends, it will have been worth it. And perhaps (lofty and egotistical aspiration as this may be) we can inspire others around the country and the world to have more similar gatherings, and raise their glasses to Turd and all the denizens of Turdvillle.

If there ARE others out there who are interested in organizing/hosting get-together(s) for the same date and time, I am happy to bring along a webcam, and create a video link so that we may make this a trans-American (or perhaps even trans-continental) event.

Curious to hear thoughts on the matter, pro or con. Please use this forum thread to indicate intent to participate, or email me directly. Please take the time to set up a non-personally identifiable email account – a prudent step in any case, and DO tell me your TFMR handle. Either email me from the account associated with your TFMR login, or indicate what that is. I would like to take every precaution to ensure that this is an invitation-only event, if it happens.

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PS: I suppose, in re-reading the post above, I did not make this sufficiently clear. I am (obviously) in the Seattle area, and thus can offer to host a small get-together for other Turdites here. But the larger point is that ANYONE can do the same -- in their metropolitan area, just as easily. Just as we have already seen Pining, California Laywer and BBB meet in the greater LA area, and have borne witness to a gathering of eminent Turdites (incl. Ned Naylor-Leyland, if I am not mistaken) in London -- this can be done ANYTIME by ANY Turdville citizen.

By the way, dear fellow Turdite participants of these shindigs, please re-post the pics if you would - I can't find them right now.

Just post the date and time and (surreptitious or open) directions for the pub, gathering hall or other public place here, or in the forums -- let's get more of these going, if anyone is of like mind. If you WANT to reach out and form your own chapter of SST -- the power is in your hands. There is no need for Tyler Durden himself to travel from city to city, from bar to bar to set up a local chapter of Fight Club -- the participants are ALREADY aware, are already subscribed.

If you own a bar or run a restaurant -- put out the call. If you know someone who does -- talk to them, and THEN do the same. If you are neither of those -- well, reserving a few tables at your favorite watering hole a few weeks out should not be too much of a challenge.

Go forth and multiply these local gatherings. I challenge the community to come up with at least 3 more gatherings for next weekend. There are, at a minimum, a few THOUSAND readers of the site out there -- reach out and touch someone today. Either post a response in the original posts's comments -- or in this Forum thread. Or start a new Forum topic of your own. Either way, the power to make it happen is in YOUR hands.

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