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2016 Election

From Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief (https://www.worldaffairsbrief.com).



We are already witnessing the beginning of the media push to promote and discourage various candidates for president. So far, it still looks like Hillary Clinton has a lock on the Democratic nomination.

Elizabeth Warren, her only tentative challenger, has already backed away. Still Hillary has health problems and is not a charismatic speaker who can attract more than the die hard Democrats and feminists on the Left. She’s also mad as hell about Bill’s continual philandering which is increasingly difficult to conceal–a major source of embarrassment.

The media has come to the rescue by trotting out one of Jerry Epstein’s purported “sex slaves” to say she hadn’t been involved with Bill Clinton, after it was revealed that Clinton was a regular visitor to Jerry Epstein’s Caribbean hideaway for high profile sexual perverts and addicts.

I’m still sticking with my original projection that the Powers That Be (PTB) don’t really want Hillary. She would actually try to run the presidency and they prefer puppets like George W. Bush or Barack Obama on whom they have lots of “dirt” to keep them compliant. They have plenty of dirt on Hillary too, but she’s still a dominant feminist who will be hard to control.

On the Republican side, we’ll see as much or more manipulation of the conservatives as we saw in 2008 and 2012—which targeted both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney for defeat, but for very different reasons. Ron Paul seriously threatened to attract everyone on the constitutional and libertarian right to the sincerely anti-war Left into a strong coalition, so he had to be marginalized early at the debates (hard to do), and then outright blackballed at the convention to stop a rebellion from building against Romney.

Romney had to be stopped even though he was bending over backwards to please the establishment because they didn’t have any serious moral dirt on him, and didn’t want him seeing all the illegal black operations (like Benghazi) going on in the White House. They would have had to “control” him like they did Reagan with an assassination attempt.

The establishment pulled Mike Huckabee into the race to play the anti-Mormon card and divert evangelical Christians from voting for Romney. It worked in 2008, but was far less effective in 2012 when most Christians clearly felt that a Mormon Christian would be far more preferable than a Muslim playing like he was a Christian (Obama). In reality, Obama is not religious at all. He simply plays the appropriate role for the audience he is trying to please.

Romney would have been a disaster for the conservatives as he would have tried to convince them that the establishment positions on healthcare and foreign policy were correct and would have corrupted much of his own constituency. But there is still a big public remorse factor for many of those who were snookered into voting for Obama who now realize how much damage has been done.

I think the remorse factor over Obama is the primary reason why Romney is seriously looking at another run for the presidency. The backlash is so strong against what Obama has done, that the PTB are going to have to give us a controlled Republican president, but they don’t want it to be Romney.

That explains the wave of anti-Romney opinion pieces that came forward this week from the Washington Post to the New York Times. The Week Magazine had a hit piece entitled “The narcissistic fantasy of Mitt Romney 2016.” Damon Linker, a Leftist, said:

The prospect of a third Mitt Romney run for the White House is really getting me down. I don't just mean that I think it's ridiculous.

Meghan McCain, daughter to the notorious betrayer of conservatives, Senator John McCain, pleaded with Romney not to run. And he shouldn’t run, but not for the same reasons the PTB don’t want him. He would again be a disaster for conservatives. He thinks highly of New Jersey governor Chris Christie, the one candidate the PTB secretly want to gain the nomination and the presidency. They’ve got plenty of dirt on Christie, a true RINO Republican. Both he and Romney buy into the phony war on terror, believe in Global Warming, the Health Care Mandate, and will pursue the same Neocon foreign policy as George Bush and Obama.

The PTB thought they had Romney and his wife convinced to never run again after the defeat in 2012. It was particularly hard on Ann Romney who has serious health problems, but all that has been cast aside due to the lack of a strong Republican candidate. Romney is intent on not letting that void go unfilled, whatever the personal cost—as of now. That may yet change if they can convince him that one of their establishment favorites is acceptable and can win.

Enter Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush met with Romney yesterday in Utah and both sides were mum on what was discussed. The meeting was booked by Bush some months ago, before Romney started going public about the possibilities for another run, but Bush went through with it anyway—probably anxious to size up the competition.

I don’t think there’s much to the speculation that each is looking for some kind of deal to work together, perhaps as one or the other running as a Vice President. I don’t think Romney would accept the second slot.

Mike Huckabee is once again getting ready for another run, mostly likely to act as the spoiler for Romney as he did in the past two nomination cycles. If Romney does run, we’ll see a parade of new faces promoted by the media as “new front runners” just as they did in 2012 to try and knock off Romney. We saw a succession of phony polling announcing too-quick-to-be-true rises in polling data showing a new frontrunner almost every two weeks. When they petered out in the primaries, the media promoted a new one, and so it went the entire campaign. They even tried to surge Rick Santorum twice, to no avail.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is the newest one on deck since the big media push for Jeb Bush started. Thomas DiLorenzo has the story:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has now met all the necessary prerequisites to run for the Republican nomination: 1) He has met with Las Vegas billionaire Zionist Sheldon Adelson who reportedly educated him “about Israel”; 2) He has accepted at least $800,000 in campaign contributions from Adelson over a two-year period; and, most importantly; 3) He is planing a “mission”/pilgrimage to Israel. No word yet on who will educate Walker “about America.”

Another formidable contender they are trying NOT to talk up too much is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul who has already begun hiring staff in New Hampshire for a potential presidential run. New Hampshire has a significant independent streak and many of those are libertarians whose champion is Ron Paul, Rand’s father. Paul is going to be tougher for the establishment to derail. He’s more charismatic than his father, and more prone to compromise which makes him harder to isolate as an extremist. Of course that tendency to compromise is a problem for conservatives who are looking for someone to hold the line.

I expect to see Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska trotted out and promoted to dilute any Tea Party enthusiasm for Rand Paul, currently the Tea Party favorite. Sasse is an evangelical Christian, anti-abortion, and pro heterosexual marriage (though evading condemnation of the gay agenda). That said, he’s held many establishment positions in university education and government—organizations that would not tolerate a really strong constitutional conservative. He speaks as a strong anti-Obamacare candidate but gave in easily when it could not be repealed.

Sen. Marco Rubio, a newly minted junior globalist, also just announced that he is forming a presidential campaign committee, so the predictable field is starting to fill in quickly. Some are encouraging Sen. Ted Cruz to jump in as well. Watch for phony surges in the polls to see who the media is promoting next.