What a scumbag....The real Harvey Organ

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What a scumbag....The real Harvey Organ

Still have an outpouring of "respect" for this snake oil salesman?


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Nothing new

They all do it.  When I was a drug rep for a (major) company we were encouraged (no required to channel stuff) the pharmacies.  This boosted the company's quarterly sale (good for the stock).  The returns would be initiated with each new quarter.  Drug pricing (charges to insurance/gov/ etc. ) was based on the 100 NDA units.  But because pharmacies mostly buy the 500 or larger units at big discounts (including rebates) they can make a shit load of money.  This was the incentives to stock up otherwise why would pharmacists have their money sitting on a shelf? This was the set up and it was encouraged by everyone.  The government knew it.  The hospitals knew it.  And the drug companies knew it.  If the government wanted to go after anyone they could.  But everyone was in on the take including the government.  It's all good until you piss someone off. 

edit:  I just noticed this was from 2009

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How dumb do you think this board is? Are you looking for clicks

edit:  I just noticed this was from 2009

Thanks, we've all been subject to dectption from the tuth.

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"Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves."

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