The Barter Box

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The Barter Box

I love shopping the discounts and Dollar stores and I try a lot of products. Some I love and others not so much. As I'm trying to make life as easy and good as possible and not suffer why would I store a product I don't like. Or I get stocked up on a really good sale and I get more than I could possibly use.....

I toss it in the "Barter Box". It can be anything that you have bought but you found a product you like better. Into the box it goes.  Top 100 list of things that disappear  first, and you got a great deal but more than you really need,  into the barter box.

Yard and garage sales, you buy something for a bargain for family and friends and they don't want it, into the BOX.

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Barter is Better

Bartering over the years for many useful day to day goods and services has prepared me and my house well for this economic slowdown and showdown. The days of old 1979-1982 included various Barter exchanges and clubs, BSI, MBG, and several others, where you could trade or purchase with barter trade credits nearly any good or service you could imagine. If you who are curious would wish to know more how these trade exchanges or groups operate or any question at all in regard to Barter for survival, please send your request to Patrancus -

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In my Barter Box

2 cases of Stoli (I got a coupon deal at Costco 1.75 ltr for $15.99 ea)

2 cases of 2 buck chuck (one cabernet and one chardonnay)

4 cases of bar soap

box of razor blades

box of dollar store toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss



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