Dutch Gold Resources, Inc (DGRI)

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Dutch Gold Resources, Inc (DGRI)

I've been long in this one since last summer and it's a lot like raising children. The potential is amazing and sometimes the day to day is a grind.  I'm sure enough about this one that I allowed my sister and my son to invest. I generally run them off when they ask for investment tips in order that one of them doesn't try to kill me at family dinners.

Dutch Gold controls two properties one of which is Basin Gulch, just outside Phillipsburg, Montana. Proven and probable gold is 2.8 million ounces and as much as ten times that in silver. Drilling and assaying have been going on for several months. One drill core produced an estimated 72 ounces per ton, with coarse gold nuggets in the quarter inch size. The COO is  geologist and readily admits this is probably an anomaly and has ordered more drilling. Once the area is mapped a five acre site will be permitted for a small underground mine. Production is optimistically expected to begin late 2011.

The second property is Jungo, outside Winnemucca, Nevada. This has not been quite so exhaustively explored but is in the area of a major gold area. The company has hinted it will probably engineer a joint venture to raise capital to mine at Basin Gulch.

The company is also looking for small mines that can be quickly brought online to start flowing cash, all with the idea of self funding the other mines.  A couple of potential projects were intimated at being close to final negotiations.

DGRI closed at .011 on Friday and it's way undervalued imho. I implore you in the strongest possible language to check this one out. The principals conducted a conference call last week and I was much impressed. At the end of the call, it was opened to questions, not prepared ahead of time questions, but off the cuff, surprise me questions. I'm a trained listener and I was pleasantly surprised at the aplomb shown.  Listen for yourselves, you'll find a link on the website.  The day traders had a field day after the conference call and the stock closed green.

Not sure how you all think about ihub, but the board devoted to this company is one of the best on the whole site. Pay attention to the moderator's posts DRCAL, he knows mining and junior miners in particular.

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