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French Opposition Party Makes Gold Repatriation Request of Bank of France

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#1 Tue, Nov 25, 2014 - 8:53am
hampton, NH
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French Opposition Party Makes Gold Repatriation Request of Bank of France

Gold News from The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Russia and China
In France, the National Front, a leading political party, sent an open letter yesterday to the Bank of France requesting that France audit and repatriate their nation’s gold.
The letter included an request for a comprehensive audit of France’s 2,400 tons of gold, noted the Save our Swiss Gold referendum, noted the Netherlands recent repatriation of some of their gold, complained of the Bank of France’s sale of more than 600 tons of gold in the 2000’s, requested an immediate halt of further gold sales, requested repatriation of France gold and requested that the Bank of France keep 20% of its reserves in gold.

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