Dutch repatriated 122.5t Gold From US AND prepared for EurExit in 2012

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Dutch repatriated 122.5t Gold From US AND prepared for EurExit in 2012

As reported by Koos Jansen, the Dutch Central Bank managed to repatriate no less than 122.5 tons of gold from the US. Beside that, former Finance Minister Jan-Kees De Jager revealed in a TV interview that The Netherlands took preparations for a "Plan B" EurExit strategy in 2012 and even had a team working on this together with Germany, Germany-Netherlands.

We can be pretty certain that the gold has actually been shipped to The Netherlands, because both Koos Jansen and Egon Von Greyerz having known about this beforehand AND having known which global security company took care of the transportation.

However, someone tweeted an image showing a convoy of big Brinks trucks on their way on the A9 highway on March 4th 2014:


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In the tweet, it is explicitly said that we are looking at Brinks trucks heading in the direction of (DNB) Amsterdam.

This is very interesting, because the A9 connects Amsterdam to the North, all the way up to Den Helder. And that is very interesting:


The roads to the other big ports in The Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam) as well as Schiphol Airport are in the other direction. Also, it is hard to imagine for what kind of value transport one would need at least two heavy trucks, since fiat paper can easily be transported with standard armored vehicles. Besides, ECB HQ in Frankfurt is to the South...

So, it most likely was Brinks AND the repatriation started in or before April 2014.