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Margin Call

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The movie Margin Call recently made its way to the Canadian edition of Netflix. I originally saw this movie not too long after it came out and remembered liking it so I gave it another viewing this past week.

I recall my first impression a few years back that the premise was a bit phony. The idea that everything is fine and rolling along its merry jolly way until the junior risk analyst spots how FUBAR the situation is still kind of disrupts the plot for me. But I really have to say that this is a great movie with some very fine acting regardless.

I also realize now after seeing it again that they of course had to get the ball rolling somehow and I suppose there was no accurate way of doing so without a ten part mini series as prelude to try to explain it. I assume as well that a general public non TFMR viewing audience would not care about these things anyway.

It is also presented in a way that would have us believe that most of the participants aren't quite aware of just how corrupt their industry has become. I have to wonder about that. The Jeremy Irons character lays it out pretty clearly near the end but he would be expected to know what the game really is anyway. Not that his little speech could make much sense in a world of true capitalism. But it does make sense in a way for people who would probably want to rationalize doing something inherently fraudulent over a long period of time. My point is that the majority of those working in the financial industry must realize how crazy their business has become. And yet the game continues.....

I strongly recommend this movie to any TFMR members who might have missed it earlier, and it's definitely worth a second look for those who did.