Just pull some savings out of your Institutions in NICKELS!

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Just pull some savings out of your Institutions in NICKELS!

Here is a link to the Archived thread https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/forum/3076/just-pull-some-savings-out-your-institutions-nickels

Taxpayers lost $105 million on pennies and nickels last year

By Christopher Ingraham March 10, 2014

In 2013, the cost of making pennies and nickels exceeded their face value for the eighth year in a row. The cost of minting a penny stood at 1.8 cents, nearly twice its face value. Nickels cost twice as much as dimes – 9.4 cents vs. 4.6 cents – despite being worth only half as much.



Read the article for some other interesting charts and graphs!

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You had better have a large storage area if you want to have a serious nickel pile.

And in quantity, they are very heavy too.

Several years ago, there was a story about Kyle Bass accumulating nickels, don't know if he still has them.

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Cashed mine in...

I cashed my nickels (~$100.00) when they fell below 5 cents metal value and bought silver.

I'm saving what I get in change for now. I keep watching coinflation.com and when they get back over 5 cents, I'll get more serious about them.

I've thought that they should be much higher... When U.S. coins were made of 90% silver, nickels were 5 for a quarter, 20 for a silver dollar! Today's nickels are the same metal as back then, I should still be able to trade 5 for a silver quarter! ;-( (HAH!)

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Hangin' on to 'em too~~~

Been hangin' on to nickels now for a while too.

Started with getting a few roles at my Credit Union one time and have been tossin' those that are older I get handed back in change into my nickel jar.

It's not something I'm putting a lot of thought or hope into--just something I started doing.  Not keeping the newer once,  just the classic Jefferson/Monticello.  (And it's true, get a lot & they are heavy.)

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useful link


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I understand all those thoughts...

and my continued stance is too accumulate (BU rolls) when I can, mainly because the cost is still more than the face value, as the Bar Chart shows the total input costs; the metal value plus the manufacturing costs.

I still see the composition being "changed" before the ending of the Nickel and Pennies production. After all they don't want us to think why there will be no more Nickels/Pennies, and the unwashed masses will never see that the composition will have been "changed"? The current production Penny has the 2nd best value after the Nickel and the Metal to Face value is still moving higher gradually, even as the Nickel has declined in metal value.

As I like to say, Silver can make change for Gold and the USA's lowly Nickel's are the best way to make change for silver...


If the Nickel chart is looked at (25% of a $0.05 Nickel's composition), then lets also view the Copper chart (75% of a $0.05 Nickel's composition)!


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