Can Turd explain it?

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Can Turd explain it?

Cant post normally, so I am here in the forum.

At King world news Egon von Greyerz said that japanese money printing will start a trade war.

We also talked about hyperinflation in Japan last week, and today the yen is at nearly 116 vs the dollar.  The next stage is probably a quick run up to the 150 level.  This will lead to all other Asian countries devaluing their currencies by printing money because they can’t afford to have a strong currency against the yen.  This would make them totally uncompetitive.

======== now compare ======

Egon von greyerz on SD

SNB argues that fiat money allows soft money for supporting exports, and egon said his is bogus, that strong currency do not render a country at a disadvantage.


Thus, Egon von Greyerz is speaking out of both side of his mouth, 1) Asia must print or lose market share, and 2) a strong currency does not render an economy weak.


Which is it? Can turd possibly explain the double dutch?

I doubt, respectfully so, so here is the explanation.

Countries can engage in currency wars and that could be based upon strengthening exports, and the same time, increasing costs of imports, for a net sum zero. THIS MONEY PRINTING has nothing to do with Strong v Weak economies, but has everything to do with cementing political power on the back of the free-chit army, using no-budge fiat printing of fiat currencies to keep the poor/middle class enslaved to government with the goodies, for feeding the banksters. It really is as simple as that. 

not printing does not

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I wouldn't take anything that

I wouldn't take anything that Egon says too seriously.

Really, it's not the end of the world that the Yen is now trading lower, there's not going to be hyperinflation or anything like that, Japan will be able to increase exports and with lower oil prices the weaker Yen won't cause inflation.

Bottom line, Japan needed a weaker Yen and they now have it, will it improve the standard of living for its citizens? No.

The only thing that could cause inflation would be a major change in FISCAL policy, the BOJ buying bonds is not a big deal, they got what the wanted with a weaker Yen.

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