Silver going beyond $30-50

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#1 Fri, Nov 14, 2014 - 8:23pm
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Silver going beyond $30-50

I posted this topic a few years back.

The last message on that thread reads as follows:


I am now living on the road, doing renaissance festivals. I was able to use the money to pay off ALL short-term bills incurred this year, and I'm taking advantage of this exchange decline to lock in and pick up more silver next week when I'm in the big city. I'm still sticking with the timeline of Fall 2015 before things really get underway. If this continues, hopefully, I can continue making money and saving it in cash and silver (maybe using the cash to pay the Jeep note down faster).

I've been looking at the 10-year chart and noticing the size of the movement of this period from interim peak to the next peak, and this is MASSIVE. It looks like the next run-up could take it past $100, assuming things remain the same (I have to wonder how the total capture of Congress by the Repubes will turn things in the next few years).


And I did it, exchanging for the most silver since it was at $8.92/oz. It felt good to be able to make my first purchase in months. If things keep going like this, then I may have a chance to reach another amount milestone.