So..... how should money be created?

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#1 Thu, Nov 13, 2014 - 6:19am
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So..... how should money be created?

We, most, here know that money creation is a fundamental market manipulation...... or is it? Therefore, it's effects have to be manipulated?..... ie Forex, Liebor, Au Ag etc.

Surely money (honest money) is simply a record of account? So manipulation is an interference of that record?

Just want to understand how an honest system of money record keeping will work in practice.

How much money should there be in the / a system?

What would be wrong with a gold standard ...... or some sort of fixed commodity (?) standard.

A lot of questions marks here, sorry, but so much here discusses the effects on PMs but I hope some will address the cause(s)..... money creation.

NB......There are plans here in UK to 'teach' kids about finance.... but I doubt they will be told / educated they are expected to repay a debt created from nothing.