Harvey Organ Should Be An Interesting Read Today

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Harvey Organ Should Be An Interesting Read Today

This topic is nominally a five day a week summary of the Harvey Organ Daily Gold and Silver Report (https://harveyorgan.blogspot.com/). I summarize the key gold and silver statistics he reports, condense some of the articles he reproduces on gold, silver, and the economy, and I usually add some of my own comments to the mix. My emphasis is on protection of yourself, your family, and your assets by converting ALL paper assets to precious metals, particularly silver. All paper assets will eventually become worthless. Only gold and silver will protect wealth. A global economic collapse is inevitable. The collapse will most likely be followed by WWIII. As Ranting Andy says, "Protect yourself, and do it now!" God, grub, guns, and gold (Son, snacks, security, and silver) are your best insurance against what is coming.


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