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Active Public Thread Comments

In my opinion one of the great strengths of TFMR, apart from Turd's posts and the articles from the guest posters, is that it serves as a running news aggregator, a personal insight- and learning sharing venue and a place where people from all over the world can share their general thoughts.

This thread is intended to be the continuation of the public thread comment section. Here you can post comments to the active public thread, post links to the latest news and share your thoughts on same.

Since this thread is now in a forum format, which will not change, when the public threads are changed, please make sure to initiate you comment with a link to the public thread you are commenting on.

While it is encouraged that you stay reasonably on topic with the current public threads - this is also intended to function as the go to place for any thoughts that are not readily categorized under the other topic specific forums.

This forum comment thread format may actually be an improvement as it is not as likely we will have the repeated posts and news links on several different threads, as we did before, and we may even get less fragmented discussion because comments to the public threads are now can be compiled in one place. Lets see if and how this works ;-)