Bacon and other foodstuffs

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Bacon and other foodstuffs

Got some of that Brazilian corned beef for only CAD$2.97 a can at Walmart yesterday. No can opener needed since it comes with its own key, you know the stuff. Good until 2019. Can be eaten hot or cold. We like it fried with potatoes and onions, or used in a stew, or just sandwiches.

Also got some of those $1 cans of sardines with the pull out self opening lid. Very rich in omega 3 fatty acids and calcium (if you mash the bones in). Generally I like them cold on toast. Reminds me of my student days when they were a staple and only 10c a can.


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Good Stuff

I have a stack of Corned Beef and we eat it a least once a week in hash, fried and sandwiches. Keep Stacking

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Canned Ground Beef, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey

Keystone at Walmart.

28 oz cans, all natural, no water added, fully cooked about $6.50 a can.


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Beef- Beef, sea salt

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bacon from pork shoulder

Image hosted by

bacon can be made from almost any boneless cut of pork. 
in the united states it is almost always made from pork bellies, but occasionally, here in the south we find "hog jowl bacon" in the stores.  hog jowls are traditional new years day fare along with
"hoppin' john," which is black eyed peas with rice.  canadians make bacon from pork loin.  "back bacon" is on the menu when i go to my brother's in scotland, where they sneer at the american version, calling it "streaky bacon."

the good news is that you can make your own from almost any part of the pig.  here's how:

a) select any boneless cut of pork.  i like pork shoulder as pictured above (not my pic).  this has less fat than streaky bacon, but more than canadian bacon.

b) measure out one tablespoonful of  "morton's tender - quick" cure

for each pound of meat.

c) add any or all of your favorite flavorings (garlic, pepper, maple syrup, cajun spice, whatever)

d) rub the seasonings/cure mixture into the outside of the pork.

e) put the pork and any remaining seasonings/cure in a ziplok bag (put a bowl under the bag in case you get a leak), and refrigerate for a week or ten days, turning the meat over once a day.  thin pieces a week, thick ones ten days - longer is o.k.

f) rinse outside salt and brine off the bacon , wipe dry with a towel and smoke the bacon until the interior temp is 150 farenheit.  don't have a smoker?  slow roast in the oven until interior temp is 150.

slice thin and fry for breakfast.  enjoy!  caution, after tasting this, you may be disappointed with store-bought bacon.

this process will also make really good pork chops, ham steaks, ribs, etc.   just skip the "slice thin" part.


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Hey treefrog

Did the deal in the oven tonight (after 10 days of curing) and everything is in the fridge.  Thank you so much for the information and my house smells wonderful.  wink

Perhaps I missed it, but several onces of fat were at the bottom of the roasting pan and I of course saved it.  Do you use it for anything in particular?  I know it can be rendered etc., but what do you do with it.  I'm just thinking it would be good to have around.

Thanks again, a friend just told me he bought pork cheep at the store today, deboned it and gave the bone to my dog this morning while I was asleep.  I was up late.

I had quail eggs hatching and can't keep myself away from watching the interaction of the Hatched with the seemingly about to hatch.  There is a collective concience involved.  Some knowing and interaction taking place by creatures born expecting very little dependency such as milk. 

When they are a few hours old, (they can live for a couple of days w/o food or water), if you introduce ONE to a water supply, it's job done.  The rest KNOW where to go and what to do.

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I had to order some Morton's quick cure from Amazon.  Not one bag available locally.  Can't wait to give it a try.

One question, have the store cut strips or cook then slice?

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@boomer sooner

"One question, have the store cut strips or cook then slice?"

what i usually do is, after the smoking (or slow-roast) i let it chill, then slice it and fry it just like any other bacon.  your slicing skills will probably improve with practice.  the good news is that a slice that's thinner on one end than the other still tastes great!


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Never smoked a pig, but I'm eager to try the cold smoked method

Especially since it preserves the meat for years.  I'd love to try this old timer's method some time.

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Is Cast Iron a Precious Metal? ;-)

Some tips on care...

10 commandments of cast iron

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Foxfire Books.... Hard to beat...

Tons of wisdom...

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