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A concession ....

Congratulations to Ata….

I think you have uncovered a fundamental flaw in what Mark Passio, teaches, and I am inclined to agree with you, that natural law applies across the board, regardless of your species.

Otherwise, you're right, it does reek of religion, but I am primarily concerned with the actual operating mechanism underpinning the universe, and I see no reason to make a specific distinction for any particular species.

Now, if we want to concern ourselves with "cause and effect", the animal kingdom can organize itself in anyway it chooses to, just like human beings, but nature itself determines which species will survive, and which won’t.

As far as karmic consequences are concerned, I'm considering the possibility that although mass ignorance might contribute to extinction of a particular species, or ideology, the spirit survives, I can always come back and try again.

The universe just keeps presenting us the lessons we need to learn, until we learn them.

This leaves us the opportunity to figure out what the natural laws are, and to use them as a guiding principle in our affairs, which would inherently make life a heck of a lot easier, or, ignore them, and face inevitable consequences for our ignorance.

Green Lantern's tail of a conversation with internal organs was very telling. The morphic field of consciousness can permeate not just a society, but will also have an effect on other species, large and small.

Now let's say for example that woman believed in hierarchical constructs, like many believe in this demonically inspired control system.

Why wouldn't her organs organize themselves in such a way? They are within her field. It was stated that she needed a heart transplant.

Could this be a result of a battle for dominance? An anatomical coup d’état?

Let's say the brain, decided that it had the right to be the top of the hierarchy, and organized the rest of the organs to defeat the entrenched heart, in a completely ill-advised power grab. This is how hierarchies usually work, as you would say, might makes right.

The death of the entire organism is of little consequence, if your ideology is paramount.

You can see this playing out at every level of society, as well as across the animal kingdom. Systems that organize themselves holographically , with shared power, and no perceived chain of command, are inherently sturdier, as it incorporates a shared existence, shared responsibility, shared goals, and shared outcomes.

Just the fact that internal organs are capable of rebelling against a perceived ruler, shows the idiocy of a hierarchical construct.

The only other place where I have found an issue with Mark Passio's work, is he considers self-defense a right, and I think it should be considered a responsibility.

Negating your right to defend yourself, is just being a wussy, leaving the aggressor in charge.

There'd be a lot less problems in this world, if evil was actually challenged, as opposed to propping it up as a perceived authority, and then, being subservient to it. This only facilitates the spread of evil, leading to the inevitable extinction of the entire society.

Another tell, was that Jeremiah Jr. said that only human beings have a soul. I remember that assertion from Catholic school.

Occasionally, corrupted information is allowed to stand when certain assertions are never challenged.

Just like I often have disagreements with Joseph P Farrell, which I can usually base on his doctorate in theological pursuits, and comparative religions.

Combined with his affiliation with the Christian Orthodox church, a Life of being poisoned by a corrupt and Satanic ideology can permeate the thought processes to such an extent, that many fallacies may remain, even after you thought you had it all figured out.

Mark Passio not only had 12 years of Catholic school to completely fuck up his head, he then joined the Church of Satan as an act of rebellion.

Eventually, his conscience caught up with him, as believing in so many falsehoods would create an emotional collapse as an inevitable outcome for anyone that wasn't a hardened psychopath. A conscience dictates that unless you suppress your emotions, or don't have any, you will try to do the right thing.

People who believe all the wrong things, while still trying to do all the right things, become inherently self-destructive as well as a danger to others.

Ruffians tail of how horses interact with each other combined with my own observations, tells me that many animal species are deeply emotional, with strong ties between mates, and family members. Horses for example have an inherent code of ethics. This doesn't necessarily mean they don't engage in dominance games.

I remember working with a horse trainer many years ago, a very young lady, probably didn't weigh hundred pounds.

The horse head butted her, and knocked her on the ground. She jumped up, and punched that horse as hard as she possibly could right in the snout, knocking the horse flat on the floor of the stall. She explained to me, she needed to show the horse who was boss, while she was trying to shake the pain out of her traumatized hand from the impact. The horse became quite noticeably more compliant.

Of course, he was trapped in a stall with her, and she wasn't going to give that horse any other options then compliance.

I'm not saying pounding someone into submission doesn't work, it usually does.

As a result, most of my high school classmates had multiple addictions, as compliance to illegitimate authority figures can seriously screw up your emotional stability, unless it's heavily medicated.

You'd be shocked at how many people in Alcoholics Anonymous identify themselves as recovering Catholics.

I have plenty of first hand experience in how false beliefs can royally screw you up.

Now, if you take into consideration mass consciousness, along with reincarnation, and the distinct possibility that spiritual entities may actually come back as a different species during different lives, then it's entirely possible for any society whether human or not, to be corrupted by this Satanic and profoundly evil control system we refer to as hierarchy.

Even amongst the same species, some groups demonstrate hierarchy, and other groups do not. Murderous power-hungry thugs can develop in any species.

So Ata, I officially concede that you are right on this point, and I have concluded that natural law applies everywhere, to everyone, all of the time, no exceptions. Passio was wrong, and so was I.

Your contribution to my continuing education is much appreciated.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 12:34pm
reno, NV
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Worth the price of admission and subscription

I thought TFMR was all about 'main street' and I get way more than a year's worth of subscription in just one set of posts. Adequan and Organo.

I'm grateful to all for your wisdom


Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 1:00pm
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The cast of characters here on DOTS really is amazing. No matter how hard I try to leave I just can't do it. I have learned so much here, that I can't even begin to try and list it.

I can't keep up anymore commenting here. The conversation has gotten so far past what I know to be true, that I am relegated to reading along with an occasional smart-assed comment. I really can't put into words what I have experienced applying some of the knowledge gleaned from this very forum, and more importantly the people who post here.

One thing is for sure, if you want to survive on DOTS, all Dogmas must be left at the door. You have certainly demonstrated that ability and I am sure you will do well here. Cheers!

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 1:53pm
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Vonburpstein, Point.....Say



Say left side, front side, backside. When you're in pain, where do you put your hand?

That's all you have to do.

No problems with the nutritional advice. Sugar is lethal crack.

Now the first real deep training I had in healing physical problems through emotional technologies was sitting in a class in Virginia with a bunch of Ph.D. psychologists. I didn't know what was going on and come to find out either did the shrinks. I would come to find out just how fucked up shrinks are in later trainings where we had to treat each other. OH MY GOD!! You'd understand why people get into this line of work. Physician Heal Thyself.

So the teacher/professor chick wants to demonstrate advanced protocols so we can see what we are getting into. After speaking to a couple of people in the class with some issues, she picks this Chinese woman who is a shrink. She has a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis in her hip to the point she has become "disabled" Her pain is preventing her from living life and working in her practice.

She takes a list of all aerobic and anaerobic pathogens and puts on the screen. She starts testing the pathogens that are involved in this womans RA. Finds two or three. She then takes the pathogens that tested positive and writes them on little stickie papers and puts them on her body. DON'T try this at home. I can activate somebodies shellfish allergies without ever giving them a piece of shell fish. The unconscious doesn't know the difference.

She then does this fancy counting backwards in time to find out when the pathogens somatized in her body to create the arthritis. Age 40, age, 39, age 38 counting counting, finally she stops. It tests strong. Then she does some other fancy testing to find out the trauma that occurred to this woman at the time. Then using a clearing technique to clear energy, she clears, the trauma's and the pathogens.

For some odd reason, the woman passed out. Never saw that before in this type of work. I've seen people go down flat on their backs in different types of clearing, and I've been on my back for sometime. Sometimes the body and layers have to process deep clearing.

Arthritis totally gone. No pain killers, no curcumin, no ice packs, no medication. Total remission in a 1/2 hour session.

Understand, any injury done to the body has a corresponding injury in your field. As Above, so Below. Get it?? That woo woo esoteric phrase has alot more implications than we know. You now have a trauma in the body, and in the field. To be technical, you have corresponding injury in your supraphyiscial layer, your astral emotional layer, and your causual layer. Nutrition, good nutrition, opens up these area's so energy can flow without blockages. This is why nutrition is such an important healing modality. But nutrition is a lifestyle change. It takes time and it is cumulative.

In the meantime, your ankle injuries, and your hip injuries still hurt. Because the energy circuits and alarms have gone off. The trauma, I don't care if it is a car accident, a bullet wound (treated those too), a football injury NOW has a corollary energetic component. This is called, Your energy systems are screwed up.

I've seen people who are competent healers, who are too lazy to go to dentists, totally run the bad energy out of the body so there is no more pain, even when there is nerve damage. I don't recommend it. Because you still have to deal with the damage. That's what a dentist is for. But you can deal with the pain, the swelling, and the life interruption, if you access the energy component of the injury.

I understand these charts are hard for people to read. Harder than a price chart. But it is no more difficult than reading a road map. I know some people can't do that. Actually, I'm blown away by how many people have problems reading road maps. Acutally, people with good directions have more magnetic ions in their body. Better compass.

Now take a look at the foot. Only three major highways running in the ankle area. The beautiful part about it is that the points on the highway are usually marked on your body where you can find indents in your bones, or connection between where two bones meet. And the other beautiful thing is you don't have to be precise like an acupuncturists.

In an akle injury, bladder, kidney, or spleen meridians, depending on where the pain is sharpest, because these are the meridians that run along the ankle.

One you determine, the meridians that are all choked up which you could learn in a three day class, you hold points that correspond to sedating the energy.

Energy testing will help you to zero in on the specific meridian that is involved, although there may actually be more than one to treat. If you feel uncertain about your testing results, you could also sedate all three.

Now since I know from my experience that showing somebody an accupunture chart is like showing somebody advanced calculus and then trying to explain how to find the points and getting them believe that something is actually happening is a large leap of faith.

That's why God invented magnets. How do you effect an electric field? Magnets. You are a magnet. You could also tape the north side of a magnet to her heel to reduce the pain. You could do simple exercises like tracing your hands opposite of the flow of energy. You could have somebody take their hands and draw figure 8's over the point of the injury. he body’s energies spin, spiral, curve, twist, crisscross, and weave themselves into amazing patterns.

Your joints are places that are notorious for collecting energies and the energies become stagnant. This is so easy to clear. It doesn't give you license to go and buy brownies and eat them for dinner. What it does do is give you some leeway if you're not a monk and you want to keep your energies humming despite the brownies.

It means when you eat that big piece of leg of lamb, you don't have to take a three hour nap, because now all your energies are now focused on digesting the food so you want to sleep and then pick yourself up with a nice cappuccino. Instead, you can boost the energies naturally. I don't drink coffee and haven't drank coffee for many years now. But I'm not a monk either and I do drink tea. It's too damn pleasurable to give it up.

Before I ever reach for an herb or colloidal silver or any agent when I'm getting a cold, I go right to the energy system. If I get a cold or flu, I can reduce the intensity or course of it and save alot of money.

AGIIK, by any chance, has your blood sugar been a problem since you had ankle problems? Your spleen meridian gets the hit and it can effect your sugar metabolism.

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 2:03pm ag1969
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A battle of ideologies?

AG 1969

I am just as curious as you regarding the space wars, and it does seem that something is up.

I have long considered that the threat of nuclear war is just a farce, because somebody, seems to have the ability to just thwart any such attempts.

I have also considered the "noninterference principal” regarding the morality of intervening in a society hellbent on its own destruction,

But morality is only applicable if societies are actually working with all of the facts, and is exhibiting free will.

By any measure, humanity has been dumbed down beyond the level of an infant, and isn't even capable of recognizing the danger that it is in.

Their perception has been so dramatically inverted, I would be hard pressed to assign them with very much moral culpability.

This may lead to another disagreement I might have with Mark Passio, just because information is available, does not mean a person is capable of absorbing it. As has been demonstrated multiple times here, a thoroughly indoctrinated human being is completely oblivious to the facts.

So while "benevolent beings” might normally oppose an intervention, because it would usurp the free will, it doesn't take a lot of analysis to determine that the vast majority of life on planet Earth is being held captive by some incredibly evil entities.

These evil entities aren't just threatening to cause human extinction, they have demonstrated that they don't play well with the others, and have now sought to dominate space.

Retaliation from this perspective, could easily be interpreted as self-defense.

An application of natural law, pertaining to this scenario, benevolent beings would determine that the demonic entities who rule earth, and have pretty much pillaged and plundered it into oblivion, now want to expand this carnage on a broader scale.

Let's just say they have crossed a line, that isn't being allowed.

Although I don't agree with the notion that disclosure would be highly disruptive to humanity, I've heard fairly decent arguments supporting that premise.

Mainly, due to the sheer stupidity of human beings who worship what they can't understand, a liberation force could easily be interpreted as gods, by one faction, and demonic entities by governmental and Bible thumper types.

Remaining anonymous, would be for a very good reason.

Secureteam 10 on YouTube, has been presenting plenty of evidence that something is going on over our heads.

It's really hard to say at this point whether the white hats, or the black hats, have the best technology. It could also just be competing black hats.

Right now, any genuine disclosure by governmental types would only be used to rally humanity into defeating a liberation force.

They are already firmly aligned with the most malevolent entities known.

Like you, I'm just watching to see how it plays out.

On an old topic of yours,

Which you first clued me into,

I am researching monoatomic gold again, and ordering up the ingredients needed to produce my own.

I've uncovered a shit load of mysteries regarding the stuff, with particular interest in the interdimensional aspects of monoatomic elements.

With claims such as these particles being able to exist simultaneously in parallel universes, antigravity effects, DNA repair, life extension, as well as heightening consciousness, there's just too many possibilities to ignore.

I'll keep you informed with what I figure out. I'm beginning to see where certain properties might be a incredibly useful in accessing the zero point field.

Free energy, and higher consciousness seem to intersect with monoatomic gold.

It's worth looking into.

Here is a very interesting 12 minute overview, that ties these topics together.

Why is Gold So Valuable? Suppressed History Anunnaki Connections
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 4:52pm AGXIIK
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AGXIIK wrote: Half my friends

AGXIIK wrote:

Half my friends have metal knees and hips. The other half wish they did.

Shifting to a stem cell process was to avoid the surgery. There's no pain med, opioid or otherwise, that works for me on post op pain .That was a doozie for the hip. I hear knees are even more painful.

If nothing else, I need to convince myself that 3 months of pain and rehab is worth getting a replacement. My wife and I are more than a little tired of operations. Between the two of us it's 6 in 5 years. We've been on that surgical conveyor belt for 5 years so I'd prefer to gimp along for a while before going back under the knife. Chalk it up to my weird nature and nothing else.

BTW Are you close to the Reno area? PM me. We live in the Galena area south of Reno and meet regularly with other TFMR regulars for a lunch.

Feb 2 Eric Dubin is in town and plans to attend.

I do not have PM privileges but I sent you an email through the TFR system. If you didn't receive it let me know.

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 5:20pm sierra skier
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Hey guys, sorry been away so

Hey guys, sorry been away so long. I think that either the antibiotics, infection, or the combination has wiped me out as I slept... I don't know... probably 16-18 hours yesterday. It was so bad that I awoke to find one of my dogs urinated all the way to the back door. I feel terrible about that... ;( I feel like a shitty "master" when that happens.

Also, I am unfortunately limited to 6GB of data which normally only lasts me about a week or two before I am severely bandwidth limited. I may not respond for weeks in that case because it is just painfully slow. My only option then would be to use a public WiFi and my distrusting nature does not like that.

Somebody mentioned Oregano.. think it was AB and GL. I need to do some research on that because seems like a wonderful herb.

My finger seems to resolving with the antibiotics because I have not even tried the green tree oil, garlic, and manuka honey. Ruffian was not kidding that it is expensive. I am concerned though as you guys mentioned caution related to fake brands. I was in a hurry and thought it cannot hurt other than my wallet which is particularly angry right now due to two new truck tires, alternative meds, and a carpet cleaner rental (for the dog doo/pee).

I work the next 3 nights which are 12-hr shifts so may be unable to respond for 3-4 days starting tomorrow... take care guys. Thank you for your support!


Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 6:28pm AGXIIK
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That brand name is Orgono

SOooooo sorry for the typo

That brand name is Orgono, Maximum strength Silica Formula

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 7:05pm
Green Lantern
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I have no reason to believe

I have no reason to believe that the Manuka Honey they are selling at Costco currently, not previous versions is fake.

I think it's on sale and I see all the other major vendors carry it.

I researched this brand when my wife bought it. I didn't see any listings of testing facilities saying it was fake although there is alot of fake honey in the market just like fake olive oil. Anything good, the mob gets it's hands on. Mob has been pouring fake oils into olive oil for yonks.

I have not bought 10 different brands and have done a comparison to know what is the best brand. I mostly use farm purchased honey in the summer and lasts throughout the winter and does a good job.

The reason they keep something behind a counter is because those are the things that people steal. It doesn't speak to anything else. They even keep baby formula's locked up because of black market.

However, Costco is now being sued over false claims of health benefits for it's Coconut Oil.

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 7:08pm
Green Lantern
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Does anybody here have a

Does anybody here have a condition that is worse than this??? This guy completely shattered the bones in his hip. COMPLETELY. The bone even regenerated. And this IS what some people would call the slow method. If you have a better protocol, post it. I'll pay to see it.

Honestly, what AgII and Vonburpstein posted is child's play. Neither of you have said anything about your condition that wouldt suggest you couldn't make a full recovery WITHOUT any type of bone replacement. 100's stories like it in the literature. Our medical experts are not the experts. Not to say, you shouldn't avail yourself to emergency medicine and physical therapy, but alone, it's gonna be a looooong haul.. With unnecessary pain.

I'm also posting the energy medicine protocol. To most of you, if not all of you, it might as well be Greek. However, a person of average intelligence with any kind of motivation, could learn all those techniques without being some kind of weird Buddhist monk that meditates 20 hours a day.

Please note that even after he broke his hip, he only had to take pain medication ONCE!! Holy fuck a duck!

In June of 2009 Lyn Milum’s father, David, fell and shattered his left acetabulum, more commonly known as the hip socket. X-rays showed that the bone had shattered and splintered - the orthopedic surgeon described the hip as having "crumbled." The doctor was surprised that the bones had been so soft, but an endocrine work-up showed that calcium had been pulled from the bones due to an imbalance in the parathyroid which in turn was caused by an imbalance in the hypothalamus.

Surgery was not considered due to nature of the break, so the prescribed treatment was to keep David on his back, in traction, with a pin through his distal femur for five weeks. Prognosis was a long slow recovery and no guarantees about his mobility.

Lyn began Energy Medicine practices as soon as her father went into the hospital. Treatments included:

  • Daily Energy Routine - including homolateral correction. David did what he could, and what he couldn't do for himself Lyn and her family (mother and brothers) did it for him in his energy field.
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie - calming Triple Warmer, & TW reactivity hold; Spleen tapping
  • Kidney sedating, strengthening, and control points = 3-point technique
  • Kidney points massaged around ankles and shin
  • Gates clearing massage on his feet
  • Belt Flows
  • Clearing over the hip and abdomen like a chakra
  • Figure 8's over his hip and in his field

Additional Energy Medicine treatments were done frequently, though not every day. These included:

  • Sedating Circulation-Sex meridian. This was done to aid circulation during David’s period of being immobilized and to contribute to the health of his hips.
  • Large Intestine meridian sedating and LI-4 Source Point massage
  • Stomach meridian sedating
  • Holding frontal Neurovascular Reflex points
  • Energy clearing the Ileocecal and Houston valves
  • 9 Hearts - activating Radiant Circuits
  • Triple Warmer/Spleen /Regulator exercise
  • Kidney acuflush
  • Control cycle: water-fire was rebalanced
  • Rooster Crown hold - balancing hormones

Other recuperative practices included:

  • Homeopathic Arnica 200c, two doses in the first 24 hours
  • Homeopathic Calc Phos 6c, 2 to 4 times daily
  • Cal-mag-D3 supplements
  • Extra D3 supplements
  • Lots of exercises & physical therapy while in the hospital bed
  • Friendly, cheerful, optimistic staff at the hospital

David felt no pain in his hip after the first 48-hours, and only took pain medication once on the day he was admitted, when the ER staff insisted.

During the first "chakra style" clearing over his left hip, David could feel the energy stirring and the healing energy move.

In mid-July, after 5-weeks of recuperation the orthopedic surgeon said David was making a "remarkable recovery."

A week later the orthopedic surgeon showed David before and after x-rays of the hip, and said, "this is a miraculous recovery." He said it twice. He took his laser pointer and outlined how the socket had regenerated perfectly, with round symmetry and right proportions.

At another follow up visit, the Dr. said of David's recovery, "I've never seen anything like this."

The day before the hospital staff got David up out of bed for the first time in five weeks, they warned him he might faint. Lyn gave him an exercise called "Sunrise, Sunset" to do before they got there, to balance his blood pressure. When they got him upright they kept asking, "are you feeling dizzy?" They found it hard to believe that he never felt dizzy at all.

By mid-August David was walking with only the aid of a cane and was able to move around the house and work in the yard. Since October, David has been walking without a cane.

Lyn reports that her Dad appreciates how Energy Medicine recognizes that our healing comes from an inner Source, and that when we use Energy Medicine techniques to clear the "debris" along our energy pathways, the blueprint of wellness that our Source provided us can then naturally begin to repattern our health.

In his own words, David writes:

"From the time I was loaded into the EMS vehicle, I felt the presence of the COMFORTER, and knew everything was going to be all right. That presence was sustained throughout my 33 days in traction. My roommates and many of the staff shared their experiences of faith with me.

I am presently (as of 8/20/09, 10 weeks after his fall) walking with a cane and my (physical) therapist concluded his efforts with a comment of, "a great recovery."

The fact that my daughter was quick to respond with energy medicine techniques intrigues me. The results have been very positive.

My mind was at ease since my daughter and sons were supporting my wife's needs while I was away. Yes, credit is given where credit is due. Thank You God!"

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 7:28pm
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That is the exact same brand I use. Great STuff.

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 7:40pm
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Great posts at DOTS

Great posts at DOTS lately.

Thanks and keep it up.

argentus maximus

Rhythm and Price http://www.greenhobbymodel.com/rhythmnprice.html

This analyst - global markets

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 10:59pm Green Lantern
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I bought that same brand but

I bought that same brand but it is MG250 instead of MG400. Seems to be lower quality/concentration.

Ok cool on Orgono! Might make some good late night reading material.

Mon, Jan 22, 2018 - 11:03pm
reno, NV
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I love how the universe works. Set an intention in motion

and see how it whirls around the world in 24 hours or less.

Ruffian, thank you again for getting me off my position with my FUBAR knee. Your input has been a gradual but persistent reminder that we share much with the animal kingdom. Injuries to an animal are reflected in us. I did not want to continue spreading the energy of my damaged knee to other parts of my body or infecting others with the pain that's put me on notice that it time to do the fix

. Hat Tip to Green Lantern regarding that information.

A few things happened in the 24 hours. I admit to being a tad hard headed and a slow learner at times, but the series of 'pops', something I experienced at Summit Workshops* in the 1980 when we were working intention processes like day jobs, that power is extraordinarily real, it works at distance and it works when others are in on the process, like we see here on DOTS. It moved the world on it's axis.

I used it and variations of the power of intention daily in my business for around 25 years but have fallen off the habit recently, until the connection on DOTS with all the accumulated wisdom, experience and willingness to share same came to my attention.

1. In the last 24 hours I made a decision to remove sugar from my diet. While I sort of disposed of it in the last 6 months, somehow that legal meth crept back into my hand and mouth; so there's no taking credit for going half cold turkey. My blood glucose is not 'bad' but it needs to be lower by half.

2. Bread. I love a rich chewy seedy weedy peasant's loaf, the Mediterranean kind. It's my crack; with a really nice ping on the serotin dopamine scale. Bread just went bye bye. I'll get my carbs from fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans. This is not a big deal as addiction go. Once I make up my mind, it's made up.

The evolution of my diet has been slow but steady yet this last day brought it to much greater clarity. Using Costco Manuka honey in my green tea is a nice change too. Price is much higher, around $1 an ounce for the 35 ounce jar but what's an ounce of that honey when compared to $3 for a loaf of bread.

Today was a sad day for us too. We got a letter from our cash only (aka concierge doctor) we've been with for 5 years In short, he's been absorbing a huge amount of negative energy from his patients. most of who are older than him by 1-2 decades. This is on top of 2 decades of assumulated body damage from sports injuries.

When I read his letter to my wife she was in tears. We looked high and low for someone like him to replace Dr H. Dingbat Ineptitude MD. Doc Jay's become a become a good friend in the last few years as well.

We share so many interlinking thoughts and beliefs it's like he's my brother from another mother. We'll miss his ministrations and conversations during this interlude but plan to stay close in his live as he moves on to other ventures that are opportunities to health himself

The letter spoke of his health, stress, physical damage, emotional toil of being a caring doctor who's ability to serve his patients is at an end; at least for now. He's taking a year off but is has also been unable to replace himself in his practice (or our world as the go-to doc for both of us.) It was jarring to see a friend in such distress, realizing his life's work at the young age of 52-ish might be over.

This message from the universe, to use a pretty shop worn statement from the A&C days of EST and Summit, was still a strong message, coming on the heels of the other ones that focussed on joint health, diet and the energy in our bodies. My knee's distress energy is radiation outward and it's very obvious that it's time for a change.

As much as I would like to use my personal healing powers, the fastest resolution to a bum knee is to replace the bits and pieces that have served their time and function well. Our doc has always recommended first rate people to fix the ouchy parts. I think that will be his parting gift of medical expertise to us before he exits his field.

I plan to have a sit down with him soon and see what I can do to help him find a good platform for his skills if it's his desire to stay in the game, or if his evolution during the sabbatical to transform himself into another entirely different profession and person.

Which brings me back around to Ruffian's suggestion that replacing the knee is as good a decision point as is available at this time. 6 years of a knee that doesn't work so well is long enough. I spoke with my wife on this subject earlier today and she's totally on board with it.

I think I've covered most of what caught my eye on DOTS thoughts in the last 24 hours so it's time to shift gears. Thanks again to everyone here. You have my gratitude for allowing me the space to thread jack DOTS for a while

PS Sierra Skier. I didn't get your email so please feel free to connect with my on mine. There are lots of TFMR regulars who ping me at francissba[at]aol[dot]com That is the only one I use. If you'd put your TFMR handle on the header I'll keep my eyes open for the email.

*PS regarding Summit Workshops. Whether you ever experienced EST or Summit trainings, it was an amazing experience, even though many of the methodologies were flawed. The unfortunate part of Summit was that Paul Lawson and his top trainers became completely immersed in the money end of the business and not the people end. And Summit ended badly around 1992. The evolution I experienced in personal and professional growth took a person who you'd not want anything do to with and help me get on a better path. What unfolded in my world after Summit closed up shop was more than miraculous. Maybe I'll 'share' that another time

Best to all



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Students Question the NSA at Recruiting Session

Tue, Jan 23, 2018 - 8:40am
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Fix's daughter

It would seem that more than one parent raised a "Fix's daughter".....thank GAWD~!

up-lifting 10 min you found there AG....THANKS


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Now Watch This....

Disease is all made UP!! It's all a lie. Don't believe me? Surely, some of you suffer from one or more of these conditions? So you've been told.

By the time, a you wake up and realize that you have one of the above chronic conditions, you've had this DIS-ease for a long time.

DIS-ease is due to the ignorance of Natural Law of your body. All the above diseases are caused by the samething. Essentially, they are the same disease. Maybe you've been eating tablespoons of sugar daily or taking in other toxic substances.

Maybe you are sleep deprived. Did you know one night of sleep deprivation is equal to the amount of cortisol that you would get from eating one month of junk food?

You have unprocessed, unconscious emotions that you have never dealt with. Anger, fear, hostility, jealously.

Your disease, which ever one ARE CAUSED BY THE SAME THINGS. IGNORANCE! Ignorance of natural laws of the body. Now don't be hard on yourself because some of these imbalances can be buried well beyond your conscious mind.

By the time, you figure out it's time to go to the doctor, they tell you have a serious condition and they haven't gone beyond the mindset of treating the symptoms.

But the causes of ALL those diseases are the same. The disease NEVER gets diagnosed. Even taking herbs according to disease states is not a wholistic paradigm. There are health care practioners who are trained to help you locate all the causality of your disease. Life style, emotions, sleep deprivations etc...

Now IMAGINE that all the cells in your body are the electorate.

The organs the politicians.

You are the President.

The well being of the state is NO DIFFERENT Than the well being of the body. IGNORANCE of the natural laws the body create the DIS-ease. IGNORANCE of the invisible principles that run the state AKA Natural Law creates disease.

Type 2 Diabetes-National Debt

Arthritis- Trade Deficit

Candida and Parasites-Immigration

Heart Disease-Crime

etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,,,

When you IGNORE the laws of the physical body, you loose freedom. Largely, self imposed loss of freedom and mobility.

When all the citizens IGNORE the laws that dictate the well being of the state, we loose freedom.

So one day, you wake up and you realize something is wrong in the land. The muscles in your body hurt. And you're looking for the guy who is going to help with the diabetes, and arthritis. And he gets on the pulpit and says, this country needs to rid itself of the diabetes, and the heart conditions. We need to address each and every disharmony. You say, THAT's MY GUY.

Then there is the wholistic doctor over on the side that nobody is really listening to. And he says, Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Condition, if you treat the problems, you are IGNORING the causes and you will only dig yourself deeper into the conditions that your ignorance caused in the first place.

Both the body and the state are CAUSE and EFFECT systems. Some actions bring HARMONY, Others bring Chronic Conditions.

Your body can take years of abuse before it breaks down. Same as the state.

What if we tweaked the meaning of POLITICS. A definition I once heard reading a Joseph Campbell book. That POLITICS meant THE CARE OF THE STATE. Acting in accordance with these invisible principles that Fix goes on and on about, brings well being to all the cells and organs. Ignoring them and all only treating the symptoms with insulin injects and chemotherapy NEVER Addresses the causative factors in our collective DISEASE.

If you IGNORE the PROMISES. IGNORE the RHeteroic, and look at the operative laws, does POLITICS as an Art and Science become more interesting or less interesting when viewed from a HIGHER LEVEL of awareness. Consciousness. It's no more about the LEFT or the RIGHT.

What if the electorate, IGNORED, the dynamics of the CULT OF PERSONALITY. Did you notice that this disease is EVERYWHERE? Science, Politics, Entertainment. professional sports, movies and television---in short, almost everywhere one looks in life you will find the cult of personality. Needless to say this also includes the fields of religion and spirituality.

Now the whole object of a religion or a spiritual path----is to lift ourselves into a realm of awareness that might be termed impersonal, transpersonal or metapersonal. Impersonal literally means detached or unbiased, dispassionate, neutral and objective. An impersonal awareness is one that is unprejudiced, unbiased and does not play favorites. They say that justice is blind because of its impersonal nature. It looks neither to the left or to the right. Detachment does NOT mean apathy. It is simply beyond the polarities that the emotions drive us into. The same emotions which cause the DIS-ease states.

The transpersonal is that realm which extends beyond the individual or the personal. It is often used when describing mystical or higher states of consciousness beyond the ordinary, mundane or human state. Similarly the term metapersonal falls within this definition. Meta is a Greek term which literally means 'beyond' or 'after'. Metapersonal thus means 'beyond the personal'.

What if the STATE does not go to a more Enlightened State, just like the body, until we begin looking at things from transpersonal level. Free of the effects of the emotional currents thrown out to us.

What if AWARENESS of invisible flows in the body, which are part are you greatest resources in healing, is the SAME AWARENESS which when applied to politics, would free of us of our own self imposed slavery?

By the way, one of the major highways and most important one in your body is the Central Meridian, Not that hard to locate. Right up the center line of your body to your lip.

This meridian governs HYPNOSIS and Self-Suggestion. When you are listening to a political speech, if the traffic in this meridian is flowing the wrong way, guess what? It goes in.

Stick your finger in your belly button and put your finger at the point between your eye brows AKA the third eye. And just pull up. A gentle push.

ENERGY FOLLOWS INTENTION. Now go to your pubic bone and pretend your central meridian is a zipper. Pull up the zipper all the way to your lips. Once you get to your lips imagine you are holding a key and turn the key and throw it away.

You've just corrected the flow of your central meridian with a simple exercise that a child could do it. In real life you can demonstrate the profound effect of such a simple exericse. Online, you can't..

YOu are now less prone to being the effect of invisible currents as you go about your day. You've taken a step into the transpersonal for your own health, and the health of the state.

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Abguy and GL

Abguy, LMAO, the first thought I had listening to that girl was that it may very well be Little Fix. I am not so sure Little Fix is an appropriate name anymore.

GL, that shit works! Thanks for all the advice over the years. That advice helped Mrs.69 tremendously and our naturopath confirmed everything you told us.

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And there it is...

...school shooting in Kentucky. Must be big news being buried today.

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