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Fri, Jan 20, 2017 - 12:30pm
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Since my grade 12 English teacher made us study JFK's inaugural address, I've read or watched all of them.

This was entertaining. I don't recall a new President going quite that far to call his predecessors and congress a bunch of corrupt fuckin' fucks. lol. I stood and cheered a few times.

Let's begin. I'm taking the afternoon off to fling some 147gr. Ahoy!

Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 6:30am
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Pomp and circumstance is

Pomp and circumstance is over. On to business.

The transition is as smooth as could be. That’s good. The alternative media, and it was the alternative media, pumping chaos not so reliable.

Looks like the “he’s not my president” army is rearing to go. Posters everywhere and protests to begin in a few hours

What’s his name, Moore? is got a 100 day initiative in the works.

I watched some clips of his cabinet nominations especially that Betsy Voss person. It looks like they were given the order to stone wall congress and nominees were coached in the Art of Trump. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but it’s consistent with Machiavellian tactics. Some of her answers were ridiculous but that was intentional.

Trump does look like he is going to do some of the things he promised. The reports on the new executive law he signed yesterday vague. It looks like it was a vague on purpose to give broad powers to his people to start making decisions to pull Obamacare that don’t break the law. Anybody smell the ACLU in the wings?

Remember the days that we had different branches of government, executive, congress, judicial to get things done. Under Obama, that pretty much went away, and it was all done by executive order, and now he is going to reverse all the bad things using the same plus very deep persuasion strategies.

It almost looks like he is going to dismantle the CIA and just rework the entire intelligence community similar to the USSR. But how does he wage war on the propaganda machine waging war against him without bogging down the court and passing new libel laws? He could start by yanking almost a 1/2 billion dollars that go to NPR. It’s going to be interesting to watch how he deals with CNN and similar. You can ban them from the press corp but I’m sure there are more backroom ways of doing this. But for every move he makes in this direction, there will be an equal virulent push back. It's a high stakes game.

So if you lay on the ground and look up at the stars what do you see?

Hard transits….What does that mean? Put Jay Z on, while playing Achey Breaky heart and non-stop K-Pop. it's sort of like when AM posts GV inflection points, but not exactly.

Now what about Isis, the caliphate and war on American soil? Does all that go away?

I wonder what George Washington would say? Of course, everybody has a different interpretation of exactly what all this means

Video unavailable

Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 8:21am
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I don't post here much, but

I don't post here much, but do read most of yall...

GL you get an A+ for that post

Mr Fix I agree...it feels as if the Sun has come up, SCOTUS has been rescued, other things may be might be could be rescued.... However the wreckage of the past 3+ decades is there for all to see if they remove the scales.

57: Like you, I have paid attention to the speeches since Reagan. That speech was the most in your face I've been witness to. Trump is executing his plan IMO....lay it out there for a hard response, retreat somewhat, get what you originally wanted, close the deal. But to do it on Inauguration Day??? Wow...

My only question is what will he deliver? Total unknown. A democrat wrapped in newly minted republican clothes who is a big spending businessman with populist overtones. He throws red meat to those that got him there but in the back room.... ??? I'm very very skeptical. Being witness to 30+ years of governmental bullshit has given me a negative outlook on government solutions. The Gipper once said something to the effect of The worst thing is hearing I'm from the gov't and I'm here to help...

How can one man lead a gov't army of papercrats who don't want to fix things? That paper can still be batted around for ginning up votes, yes? Then why fix it?

I don't see RINO's approving of his big infrastructure plan, I don't see the middle class tax cuts making it to the middle class, I don't see where the money comes from to revamp the military and fight RIJ on faraway lands, I don't see the public supporting more wars, I don't see controlling spending (unfunded liab's), I don't see any of it getting fixed.

What I do see is SCOTUS being helped and that wall damn well better get built cuz we are drowning down here. Anything else is gravy. Maybe we buy a few more years, or even decades...but the finances will dictate and they are totally FUBR'd (eff'd up beyond recognition) IMO.

We shall see. Optimism based on hopium is a fleeting thing...

"No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." -Yoda Levitation will levitate until levitation doesn't levitate. Rates be the key matey.
Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 8:52am
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Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 11:12am SilveryBlue
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Silvery Blue

Thank you for posting that Harold Kautz Vella video on black goo.

I tried to listen to a lot of it last night, I find it much more informative after a couple of years of parallel research on parallel topics on consciousness.

I also re-listened to that Dave Hodges interview on the topic, but he quickly becomes unintelligible with so many scriptural references, supporting his pet theory of demonic spirits.

I noticed a few years back, in conversations with Daystar, that it is impossible to square the reality of the physics of consciousness with Biblical scripture. Both ancient, and Eastern philosophies have it right.

Harold Vella uses his background in studying free energy to explain the physics involved, and although it's complicated, and I need to get past his heavy duty German accent, he lays out the basic formula for how energy becomes matter, and ties it to the origins of life.

I don't think that black goo by itself is evil, but what the establishment elite have been trying to do with it most certainly is.

The Bases 46 interview goes into great detail explaining the interdimensional nature of consciousness, free energy, and levitation, and ties a lot of different subjects together.

Having multiple areas of research is key to the understanding of them.

Further investigation is definitely warranted.

On a another topic,

I sent Libero a congratulatory note, and a request for his address so I can mail him his Silver Eagle.

Donald Trump's inaugural speech was epic, the most key phrase was, "Return of the United States Republic".

This has some very specific legal ramifications, particularly when it comes to returning power to the people, as opposed to being ruled by a corporate entity.

Without "informed consent", a contract is not valid. More revelations to come soon.

I don't pretend to know exactly what he's up to, but it sounds a lot like a declaration of United States sovereignty, based on the sovereignty of its citizens.

At least theoretically, the contracts that we have been living under for over a century would be null and void due to an obvious lack of disclosure as to the criminal nature of the current established government.

This could theoretically cancel out all of our debt, to both foreign governments, and foreign banking institutions.

It's going to be fun to watch.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 11:25am

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 11:29am
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Fix (Libero bet) ...

Somewhere in the last couple threads on mainstreet, Libero had a post regarding your bet. He wanted you to hand off the Ag round to some 5-6 year-old kid. Just pick out a random one and give it to him. Thought it was a neat idea. Check it out. Shouldn't be hard to find.


Wax off
Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 11:59am Green Lantern

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 12:32pm

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 12:36pm waxybilldupp
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Libero just sent me that message.

Yes, it's a very neat idea,

Will do.

It's time to get my day going.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 2:34pm
Mr. Fix
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Tying it all together...


Published on Jan 14, 2017

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The National Security State Black Budget
The US National Security State dedicated massive black budget resources to the development of a sprawling network of secret underground command and control bases ostensibly for the survival of humanity in a doomsday scenario and to set up Continuity of Government operations in the event of a Nuclear War. Beyond this surface explanation there are fascinating reports of massive underground facilities designed specifically to test advanced and exotic UFO Technology obtained by crash retrieval teams with a secrecy ranking that is higher than those set for nuclear classification.

The development of this reverse-engineered ET technology may be largely responsible for the massive secrecy surrounding the activities of this global network of deep underground bases.

Controversial, chilling and potentially explosive, don't miss part 2 of this fascinating Dark Journalist episode!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 5:00pm
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All of the youth are not snowflakes!

Yes, here in the Capitol City, the many are marching upon the streets with their signs and protests. It is just amazing to watch these events. However, at the same time, across town, a basketball tournament is in full swing. This is a tournament, between local high schools, and a great event. What kind of basketball tournament? The teams are made up of mostly special needs kids. Everything from DD kids, including Downs Syndrome and many really needy special students.

When we were in school, long ago, the last thing we wanted to hang out with was any DD kids. We were blinded by our lack of need and wanted to run with the in crowd. Not that we were ever in that in crowd.

I knew my granddaughter N. was involved with helping these kids in sports at her high school. We attended their first tournament a few weeks ago and my granddaughter was listed with the DD students, suited up with them and introduced as one of the players. She helps the other four team mates dribble, shoot and whatever else so they can score a basket. No they cannot dribble, may need to be given the ball several times at the basket and still cannot score. However, when they do score, the whole place claps and shouts. Oh what joy is within these students.

The first game was interesting to me. I thought that 50 years ago, the kid that was the coach, the kid that was actually on the high school girls varsity basketball team and was an A student (like N.) would want to be seen as such. Not with N., she was in with the players and helping them in a slow moving game. Watching these games will bring tears to your eyes.

When the last game was over, a few hours ago, I waved at N. and asked her a question. "N., what have you learned over this last year in helping these students?" She said, "Well, these students are just like the rest of us. They want to be happy. They have great joy in the little things and are not moved by all of the pressures of life. They really want to be involved and be happy. That is really what we all want. They just want to be like the rest of us".


There may be huge crowds on the city streets today, many youth who are lost in their detours of life. There are also students who look to the needs of others and meet those needs as they arise. We may have some very insightful people on our forums, however this old boomer is still learning the lessons of life from those who live in life. jmo Jim

NW VIEW >>>1 Cor. 1:18
Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 6:15pm NW VIEW
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Good story, Jim ...

Thanks for telling it. I've been thinking a lot about the Alzheimered today, juxtaposed against the bombast that is in the world. Our stories are analogous. I have learned a little about what it means to have a servant's heart through this experience w/my Dad. I hope I have learned a little about love, as well. I have an excellent Teacher but, alas, some of the students are dullards!


Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 6:26pm
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@ JustDale

Great to see you here. We still need to have lunch some day in Portland. Jim

NW VIEW >>>1 Cor. 1:18
Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 8:35pm Anonymous
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Ruffian wrote:I know this

Ruffian wrote:

I know this brilliant guy for real in person. Our Craig knows him too. He's one of the good guys in world of finance. He also is the only person I know that successfully sued the SEC and won a nice chunk of change. Funny thing is all he wanted was an answer to a question and it turned into a legal thing. Yeah he got money he didn't need or want but he didn't get the change he sought.

Anyhoo, I once asked him if he could go back and not know what he does would he? He responded without thinking for a second : yes. The whole time he was building his product he was uncovering piles and piles of shit. He knew who was cheating and how and he had the data to prove it. Thing is that even tho he's now a very wealthy man he can only chip away at the cheating.

Reckon he's in his 50s now and is quite tormented privately. He can't truly enjoy his life cuz of what he knows. His conscious won't let him walk away.

I can use Obama as an example. My exposure is minimal intentionally. Then one day I found myself thinking truly evil thoughts about blacks. It was only because of my personal association with many. Particularly, my dads associate and my most trusted advisor. That I was able to shrug off those ugly thoughts. What about the folks who don't have such long lived associations in their lives ?

Btw didn't Van Gogh committ suicide ?

I assume you are talking about Armstrong?? I think that's the only name I mentioned in the post you are responding to? You and Craig know him? Or somebody else?


Yes Van Gogh cut off his ear like a cucumber and shot himself. Not what you would expect of somebody so keyed in? It's not uncommon for madmen to be tortured souls. Deep sense of loneliness pervades their soul because society casts them aside and few understand.

But "awakened' men and women come in many different flavors. Shakespeare was obsessed with madness and the psychological disposition of men. He saw many of the same things but putting paint on canvas wasn't his talent. Bach, Mozart heard it and transcribed "truth" into music. Mozart was as lewd, bawdry, and a tad vulgar. My wife growing up in China knew of Mozart but didn't know much about him like a person might in the west. She had this perfect picture of the serious composer. Ha ha So when we watched "Amadeus" she asked me who was Mozart before it was obvious. I said it was the guy with his head up the girls dress and giggling like a fool. "OH, MY GAWD"

Some enlightened men might be rich, some poor and wear clothes like a beggar. They can be men of great eminence and notoriety and just common folk. Even farmers. Where the universe decides to insert them into society is not shared. Maybe they are noticed during their lifetime and maybe it's only in hindsight that people recognize their genius. Not only anti-establishment men are less than perfect, but so too are the madmen.

This shatters the image of the shaman with his pipe giving advice around the fire. Or the indian guru sitting on his dais weaving tails to his followers. It doesn't have to go down like that. Maybe even occasionally somebody who can connect the DOTs by piercing the veil could be animal trainers who have deep connection to nature, life, and see the human experience for what it is? Well such a thing happened... Maybe he had the same gift as Mozart, Shakespeare and Van Gogh, just that his talent manifested in a different way.

You, me and probably everybody else are too young to remember Strongheart? Then Lassie came into favor.

But his caretaker/trainer J. Allen Boone, had a special gift more than just your average animal trainer.


Definitely doesn't look like an indian Guru. Not the look for the guy that heals people on Sunday morning. He didn't have a church, or an ashram. He ain't no Blavatsky, or any of the other mystics that get raised here. How could we miss somebody like that?

And yet he saw, and had the keene powers of observations just like Vincent. Being the Hollywood type, he travelled near and abroad. Just sitting on the bench watching people and knowing their nature just as Shakespeare who has said to have written every human psychological archeytpe that Hollywood still hasn't beat it. But most of his observation and ability to the connect the DOTs took place in a rocking chair on his porch in Desert.

Obviously he wasn't all there because here he is talking to his dog, as if he could understand....Oh yeah, he was one of those types that they call a Whisperer.

We'd been in the mountains all day , and late in the afternoon you foundthat delectable ridge with far flung views, where we had supper and watched the sun go down. Tehn you turned yourself into a pillow, and I laid my head on your comfortable, flexile ribs and watched the stars appear. It was an unusally brilliant night overhead, and as I lay there I got to wondreing about stars. How did they come into being in the first glance? of what were they made? Whatheld them up there? Of what were they made? What held them up there? How did they manage to move to such incredible speed What guided them so unerringly? How was it that the celestial traffic was managed so much better than the terrestrial?

 There seemed to be only one answer. Something was not only directing everything with great judgment and skill, but doing so with superb artistry. I was looking at flawlessly managed coordination and control. Gradually, I began to sense that the same power that was moving and managing things so effectively in the heavens was also at work about me. The whole universe was pulsating with life and loviliness. Nothing was haphazard anywhere. Infinite activity....law...order...purpose....precision....rhythm.....and excellence of the highest order were everywhere.

Connected to life? Invokes nature law, cycles, natural law, free will/destiny in one sentence.

Funny type of guy. He could connect the DOTS by watching men handle snakes, and by which way the Prairie dog would run. He wasn't bogged down with dogma. He didn't call it astrology, astronomy or occult or any of the other big words we like to label it. He just understood..... all part of the divine plan. All connected with purpose.

Yup. Vincent and J. Allen Boone knew how to connect the DOTS. My guess is that they'd know the difference between real and fake news.

Sat, Jan 21, 2017 - 8:45pm
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Oh yeah, protesters

Oh yeah, protesters everywhere you looked on Manhattan Island today. Well, everywhere I went today. I haven't even looked at the news to see what they are reporting.

Never saw anything like that. Alot of signs with the theme and variation "Women Have Rights too" Gay, lesbian. Black, Muslims.... Mostly the younger generation but quite a few middle age to older females. Signs that said, "What Meryl Said"

No violence or rowdy types. The collegiate type. The somewhat earthy type. The hot lesbian type (so I was informed). Every subway car filled with people with signs, every station I went to. All the streets I walked to. Just everywhere.

There were as many people with some protest sign as their are with green shirts on St. Paddy's day.

So all the protests pre-election died out. A reprieve, and now bigger than it was before. Let's see how long this lasts or it dies out. But something tells me the people behind the scenes won't be taking a break.

Sun, Jan 22, 2017 - 2:24am
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the elusive truth

What is the truth?

The truth is beyond the collective, beyond agenda, the truth is what is left when what we were led to believe was true, is stripped away.

The truth is the stark reality that exists beyond the self (ego).

A life without truth is a life wasted.

Only bliss can tell the truth.

In high tide fish eat the ants, in low tide ants eat the fish. - Thai proverb

Sun, Jan 22, 2017 - 8:52am Mr. Fix
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Mr. Fix wrote:For the first

Mr. Fix wrote:

For the first time in decades, it feels like morning in America again...

What does that mean to you? Exactly what has changed for YOU. I know that statement feels good to people. Obviously. Nothing has changed for me. My habits are the same, I eat the same food, the sun, wind, still boss's me around. Same drinks, and when I look out the window, things look kind of the same to me.

Do you have more money in your pocket? More wisdom? More virtue? Or did the change in government just give you a brighter outlook, and for you to have that it required something outside of yourself to change?

So basically, your subjective reality has changed, along with the objective reality.

The way I see it, you're 48 hours older than you were after the change of the guard. You still have bacteria in your body that eats your flesh, if you had no hope for the future before the inauguration, that will probably return to you when you realize that no man can change the conditions in your life. If you didn't believe inGod before, that won't change.

Sure, Trump might make changes, but he can't change you.

I'll take it that when you read the morning paper and saw that Trump was elected, your mind decided that life would be better for you. When the guys at the CIA, and the other 1/2 of America read the news, they thought life was going down the tube. Interesting the way the mind interprets reality.

I'm sure life will change for people for the better or for the worse overtime but OvERNIGHT. But to me it feels exactly the same as it did, 72 hours ago when Obama was in the White House because I never predicated my future, my disposition, my happiness or contentment in life, on a man. But that was just a statement of celebration?

I know I am being a pain in the ass (according to many's subjective reality) but I never know what to make of those type of statements other than feel good, let's all celebrate together, very vague statements. But then I'm a crazy, luny, son of a bitch that questions everything.

How do ya think my mom and dad felt when I was young boy questioning their reactive states? Ooohhhh, bad recipe. Kind of like in a political forum with many different opinions

Sun, Jan 22, 2017 - 8:58am Anonymous
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Ruffian wrote:I've often said

Ruffian wrote:
I've often said I judge the economy on how deep pockets and discretionary income is spent.

The first sale ...

Critical data, despite how much I fucking hate horses. I do understand how the well heeled view them as status symbols.

Thank you!


Just lucky that way...
Sun, Jan 22, 2017 - 10:33am
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The full Speech given.........................

to the CIA by Tump is a good bit different than the media is reporting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzE8X56aeqc

Seemed to me he had pretty heavy praise for the CIA even though cleaning up was addressed. He got a very warm response, several minutes standing Ovation, and a pretty loud response when he blasted the media. Life will be politically interesting much like 2016, IMO.

The 180 degree switch within the media is tru;y amazing, hope some of them will get in touch with sound practices of true investigative journalism. The reversal from butt kissing to torch making is quite telling!!

The MSM will continue to push more and more people to search a little deeper for the truth. I have been watching co/workers have mini awakenings, the medias insane bias and in your face political histrionics have lifetime progressives/regressives questioning the media for the first time. A door got cracked in the echo chamber.