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Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 6:44pm
Mr. Fix
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Thanks for the sketch,

I see some distinct differences, for example, The tube in the photograph is proportionately larger, and it is dead center, as opposed to being smaller, and off in a corner. More significantly, check out the gauge of the tube. The walls appear to be somewhere between 5/8 to 3/4 inch thick. The Gray's Tube only works with a large mass of copper, forming a tube around the electrodes. A seismograph could literally use a cinderblock.

On mine, the oil burner electrodes go in from opposite ends, here, they appear to be mounted in exactly the same way that they would be mounted in an oil burner. Anyway, that's what it appears to be to me.

Now follow my logic, the "isotope heater" looks more like a high voltage coil to me. The output wire goes to the electrodes.

Can anyone explain why you would need to heat isotopes in a seismograph?


It took a while, but I finally figured out how to do a screenshot of the video.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 7:05pm
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Congratulations Fix! You are one of the smartest people I know, but I would have had to reevaluate my position if you couldn't have cracked the mighty screenshot.

Edit: Did you have to call Little Fix for instruction? That's cheating!

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Mr. Fix
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Guilty !

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 9:11pm
Mr. Fix
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Just for the fun of it...

Obama's Talking Like He's Not Leaving Office

Published on Dec 27, 2016

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 9:17pm
Green Lantern
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Do not forget they have

Do not forget they have tracked the moon for as long as men have observed how it reflects light and it's relations to the other planetary rotations and it' s effect on men, markets, and many other things. Yes, markets track the moon too. There are some very astonishing profound, ratio's with it's orbit, distances from the earth which I won't bore you with. But if you have studied any of the sacred geometry of the sacred sites, you'll find them there too. Enough so, that if it was put there, it was done so in alignment with a higher plan. Where the moon falls within your personal chart is a very significant part of understanding your psychology and r'aison d'etre.

There is more going on here than I want to even bother wrapping my head around. The ancients knew that men had what was termed a lunar body. And that there are dimensions named the sun/moon worlds. And the moons around planets serve purposes beyond what David Icke writes about.

No, there is no randomness to the moon anymore than there is randomness to 5 fingers on each hand and the human body stretched out in a five point star is the golden mean. so some big random explosion that created divine perfection? Probably not. If so, it was an orchestrated demolition conducted by rarified beings with powers inconceivable to man and the human consciousness.

I do believe at one time, it was forbidden to write or speak the number 9. And for good reason. that's how many of them exist. They would have all the answers. Short of that the NACAAL records which is recorded the entire history of earth. Don't bother looking on amazon.com.

This image isn't arbitary. Or just cool. Wolf medicine. Do not try to understand earths relationship to the moon until you understand your relationship with it.

Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 9:21pm
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Just for the hell of it.

Just for the hell of it.

New moon early this am. uranus (revolution, change) in direct opposition with Jupiter (expansion, abundance).


Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 9:21pm
Mr. Fix
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It seems we hit a cloud this week...

Our Solar System is Moving into a Potentially Dangerous Interstellar Energy Cloud

Published on Sep 8, 2015

Our solar system is moving into a potentially dangerous and destabilizing interstellar energy cloud.

The solar system is travelling through much stormier skies than we thought, and might even be about to pop out of the huge gas cloud we have been gliding through for at least 45,000 years. That’s the implication of a multi-decade survey of the interstellar wind buffeting the solar system, which has revealed an unexpected change in the wind’s direction.

The edge of the solar system is roughly defined by the heliosphere, a giant magnetic bubble blown by charged particles streaming from the sun. This bubble shields Earth from much of the interstellar wind, so a change in the wind’s direction will have little effect here on the ground.

But the change does tell us something surprising about our galactic surroundings. The cloud is so large and diffuse, it was previously assumed to be relatively calm, and that the wind would blow in the same direction for millions of years.

The fact that the wind is shifting over the span of mere decades means that the interior of the cloud is either unusually turbulent, or that the solar system is a mere 1000 or so years away from punching its way out.

“While there had been hints that something was changing in the environment of the sun, when we finally put all the historical data together it became clear that one can make a strong scientific statement that this change has actually occurred,” says Frisch. What the change means is still up for debate. We could be nearing the cloud’s edge, or we could still be in the thick of it, pushing our way through an interstellar storm.

Read more here: Solar system caught in an interstellar tempest

Science paper: Decades-Long Changes of the Interstellar Wind Through Our Solar System

Local Interstellar Cloud

Interstellar Gas Cloud

Spacecraft probes gas cloud swaddling the solar system

IBEX - New Observations of Interstellar Matter - Briefing Materials

Interstellar Space Beyond Our Solar System Stranger Than Expected

Interstellar winds buffeting our solar system have shifted direction

Galactic Superwaves and Core Explosions

Milky Way Galaxy: Facts About Our Galactic Home

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 9:26pm (Reply to #10506)
Mr. Fix
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revolution, change, expansion and abundance...

Very cool!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 9:57pm (Reply to #10508)
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Mr. Fix wrote:Very cool!

Mr. Fix wrote:

Very cool!

I forget coups like Jupiter/Uranus. But it might not be in the direction you are thinking.

From what I can tell, Trump makes it to inauguration day. He's got some big energy behind him. just like the market had it after he was elected. Who is doing what?

Wed, Dec 28, 2016 - 10:13pm (Reply to #10506)
I Run Bartertown
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GL - "Who is doing what? "

Thu, Dec 29, 2016 - 7:50am (Reply to #10510)
Green Lantern
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I Run Bartertown wrote: GL -

I Run Bartertown wrote:

GL - "Who is doing what? "

Whatever it takes to fill your void.

Thu, Dec 29, 2016 - 8:18am
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MTA Jesus

A public service announcement from Jesus. It's not illegal to give people a free sweep. Save yourself and do the right thing.

MTA Jesus

Ver. 2 The More You Know.....

MTA Jesus: The More You Know

Who knew Jesus was a New Yorker??


Thu, Dec 29, 2016 - 5:45pm
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Dear Trumpeters of

Dear Trumpeters of Trumpism,

All the cheerleading and Trump enthusiasm I've seen in the weeks following the election, here and afar, has me scared. Being the contarian among contrarians when I see that much exuberance my gut tells me something is amiss.

The alarms sound and I scratch my head. But I did say it wouldn't be possible for a group of individuals to provide fair, objective analysis until we moved so far away from the election and Hillary that the comparison and the effort to dethrone the evil one was no longer the primary reason that we elect a President. I think we'll still under that umbrella.

By now, you've probably read the analysis AM posted by Ray Dalio In the Set-up. I'm adding to the holiday festivities by posting excerpts from Maybury's newsletter on what the future might hold under a Trump presidency. . With his permission, I might add.

It will be my guess that all this exuberance will find it's way into the first year, as Maybury is now talking the same story as Armstrong is on velocity of money. The Happy Day's Are Here Again will happen as velocity of money increases and the markets fair well and you exclaim in a "I told you so" tone how it's all Trump. It might also be the reason, we might have to hang out another year (maybe) waiting for gold.

Things might not end the way you all hoped. The debate of whether he is establishment or non-establishment might rare it's ugly head before it's over. Who does he represent? The system. Sure, not the elements of the system you hate. But it's still the system.

Without further ado, I present to you Mr. Maybury, with a bit more sober tone than has been voiced here.

Sincerest wishes to you and yours for a wonderful New Year. I believe it will definitely be a memorable one.

As this EWR will make clear, in the November elections, America (and the world) reached a turning point every bit as consequential as World War II. In- vestments will be affected profoundly.

Please save the enclosed flyer. We will refer to it shortly, just after,

In the 37 years of being a full-time professional writer, I have never be- fore written anything as important as this issue of EWR. You will not find this analysis anywhere else, and you have my permission to copy it and pass it along to others without limit, I hope you will do so; time may be running out, as I will explain.

This EWR is less about Trump than about the new world he has created. As US president, he is global emperor, and has apparently chosen to follow in the footsteps of Benito Mussolini, probably unwittingly.

When I hear someone say what’s off-kilter about America is the wrong people are in power, and to fix it we need the right people in power, my reply is, the problem runs a lot deeper than that.

No one can fix the federal government. Its unfunded liabilities, which are the money it does not have, to pay all the obligations politicians have incurred, is $104 trillion. That’s $874,000 per taxpayer.

The average family of four is on the hook for $3.5 million over and above present taxes

Hopeless, entirely hopeless. In 1966, economist Howard Kershner warned, “When a self-governing peo- ple confer upon their government the power to take from some and give to others, the process will not stop until the last bone of the last taxpayer is picked bare.”

The only thing to do is stand aside and let the federal government go ahead and commit economic sui cide. Do not get in the way.

Then make a fresh start.

For investors, it is crucially important to keep in mind that the government is not the country. When the government kills itself, the country will endure. The homes, cars, furniture, factories, roads, offices, airports, computers, ranches, purple mountain majes- ties and amber waves of grain will not vanish. Nor will the population.

But flows of money will shift, causing ownership of the assets to change.

The trick is to be on the receiving end of the trans- fers, not the losing end.

The surprising outcome of the elections is creating wonderful opportunities, if you know what to look for and don’t buy into the belief that Trump can keep the government from going belly up. The country can be saved, but the government is a dead man walking.

And don’t be alarmed. Governments come and go. World wide, there have been thousands of them. Amer ica has already had four — the British crown, the Continental Congress, the Confederacy, and the federal government. Three of these have come and gone, but the country is still here. I am interested to see what number five will be like.

1 usdebtclock.org website

In this issue:

• Five investments likely to profit from Trumpism. Page 2.
• Is Trump direction- less? Pages 3 to 6.

• The strong possibility of a Cuban Missile Crisis replay. Pages 7 & 8. •

Trumpism is following in the footsteps of Mus solini. Page 4.

• Why Trumpism requires that investors be extra cautious. Page 6. • And much more.

Thu, Dec 29, 2016 - 5:55pm
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And finally Maybury's view of

And finally Maybury's view of velocity. Doesn't look like the graph can be embedded.

Estimated World Velocity of the US Dollar

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3



Our US velocity indicator is up one notch. I be- lieve this is the vanguard of the great economic and investment shift for which we have been waiting eight years.

The election upset has created hope, and hope is leading to optimism. This is causing an uptick in velocity. Rises in velocity tend to be self- multiplying, so I believe there is a 90% probability a velocity driven boom of three years or more has begun.

So far, this is apparent only on Wall Street, but I will be surprised if it does not pervade Main Street before the end of 2017.

If I am right, then in 24 months or less we will arrive at velocity stage two, when the dollar will be in deep trouble, and non-dollar assets — gold, sil- ver, platinum, palladium, raw materials, real estate, oil, fine art, antiques, numismatics, practically any- thing that cannot be created on a printing press — will be king.

Again assuming I am right about all this, then now is the last chance to get into non-dollar assets at bargain prices before the velocity ship sails.

(For an explanation of velocity, go to Rich- ardJMaybury.com. EWR Fundamentals.)

Thu, Dec 29, 2016 - 5:59pm
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Trumpism is Facism??

(Wouldn't it be a hoot if the peeps that were crying about the evils of government, were the ones that actually pushed the car off the cliff??) GL commentary.

Is Trump directionless?

Beginning in September 2010, I have repeatedly written about the psychology that led to America’s 1776 Revolution. A reawakening of this psychology will likely be the vanguard of a massive political crisis that will offer America a chance to make its fresh start toward a return to the system of liberty.

Here is a quick recap of that development, which I believe has begun, and is fast gaining momentum. In 1818, explaining the 1776 rebellion, John Ad-

ams said the revolution was not the war. “The Revolution was effected before the war com- menced,” Adams explained. “The Revolution was in the hearts and minds of the

In other words, the over

throw of the government, and
creation of this freest, most
prosperous nation in history,
Adams said, was a result of the
true revolution, which was the change in political beliefs.2

In November, the upset at the ballot box was not confined to the Oval Office. The republicans, reluctantly following Trump’s lead, won the house, sen- ate, governorships and state legislatures. It was the first time republicans have been so strong since 1928.

In short, the angry rebel mentality was a sweep. It had depth, and was therefore probably not a flash in the pan.

After weeks of mulling this over, I take the November upset as the sign that my forecast is coming true, history has begun to repeat. The crisis has arived, and the door to America’s fresh start is open-ing.

I am thrilled, excited, overjoyed. But also cau-tious, because...

...there is a big difference...

... between today’s events and those leading up to 1776. People now are raised by schools owned or controlled by government agencies. In their formative years, they receive only the government’s view of things. This is what their teachers received, and teachers teach what they were taught.

In 1776, children were raised mostly by their par-ents. Their mothers and fathers educated them from classics such as Shakespeare, religious texts, and from British Common Law material based on ethics.

In his superb Pulitzer Prize winning book THE IDEOLOGICAL ORIGINS OF THE AMERICAN REV-OLUTION, historian Bernard Bailyn wrote of Com mon Law,

To the colonists it was a repository of experi-ence in human dealings embodying the principles of justice, equity, and rights; above all it was a form of history — ancient, indeed immemorial, history; constitutional and national history; and, as history, it helped explain the movement of events and the meaning of the present.

Please read the title of Bailyn’s book again. The origins of the American

Revolution were ideological. They were a set of ideas that logi- cally dovetailed with each other, and were found in Common Law.

These ideas comprised the sys- tem of liberty, which included laissez faire capitalism.

Today practically everyone has been falsely taught that the system of liberty is crude and outdated, and not worth understanding. It’s now in mothballs.

Except for attorneys, I doubt one in a thousand know anything about Common Law. And, there aren’t even many attorneys who understand how the principles of Common Law were the natural body- guard of the breathtaking progress and abundance spawned by free market laissez faire capitalism. The US standard of living in 1900 was light years beyond that of 1776, and the momentum from this spectacular advancement did not begin to wind down until the 1970s. (See my book WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUSTICE?)

By then, America’s core ideas had been swept away by government-controlled schools teaching socialism. Socialism is the belief that (1) the solu- tion to any problem is more government, (2) robbing Peter to subsidize Paul is ethical, and (3) “central planning” of our jobs, businesses, investments and medical care by politicians and bureaucrats is good because these people are honorable and brilliant.

However, beginning with the collapse of the Un- ion of Soviet Socialist Republics in the early 1990s, and now the economic catastrophe in the rest of Eu- rope, socialism is being seen for the poison it is, and it is on its deathbed. This brings us to...

... my key point

The system of liberty has been nearly buried by the schools and colleges, while the philosophy of

socialism is terminal. Therefore, unlike the rebels of 1776, we are now living in an ideological vacuum.

This means we are faced with...

...the question of the age

What will fill this vacuum?

When Trump and the other politicians and bu- reaucrats are making decisions, what set of ideas will they follow?

I have not researched all other US presidents, but I suspect that Trump is the first to have no ideology. Whether he intends it or not, he is ...

...following in the footsteps of Mussolini

At bottom there are only three surviving political and economic models — socialism, the system of liberty, which includes laissez faire capitalism, and fascism. Others are versions or mixes of these three.

Benito Mussolini was the father of fascism.

He was dictator of Italy from 1922 till 1943. In his youth, he had been a leader of the socialist movement in Europe. But after World War I he be- came disgruntled with socialism and split off.

No friend of capitalism either, Mussolini was left without an ideology. In 1922, he became prime minister, and suddenly found he needed a set of ide- as, a model or roadmap to guide his day-to-day deci- sions.

Choosing to make up whatever rules he needed, he invented 20th century fascism.

The word fascist today is generally deployed as an insult. I use it in its original meaning, which is the legal philosophy of the Roman Empire (not of the Roman Republic, which was an early version of Common Law).

The exact opposite of the system of liberty, fas- cism is this: All truth is just a matter of opinion, which means right and wrong are only matters of opinion. Rulers should do whatever they think nec- essary, no exceptions, no limits.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it, and I suggest you underline and memorize it; nothing will affect you more.

While socialism and the system of liberty both encompass whole libraries of thought, fascism is just those 29 words.

Socialism, too, has few limits, but socialists usu- ally make an effort to stick within their model.

The system of liberty has extremely strict limits. In 1819, Jefferson explained: “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add within the limits of the law, because law

is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”

By 1934...

...Mussolini was boasting, “We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty.”

Adolph Hitler thought the Italian had a great idea. He used Mussolini’s reasoning to create a German style of fascism, called Nazism.

Wildly popular, fascism — do whatever appears necessary — spread to France, Austria, Spain, Greece, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Norway and other areas.

In a world beset by serious economic problems, fascism was so enticing it even gained a foothold in America, in a small way in the form of the 1930s German American Bund, and a large way in the log- ic underlying President Roosevelt’s New Deal.

So, Trump is a result of the fascist trend, not the cause of it. The US has been moving toward fas- cism for a long time, and now it has arrived.

Mussolini is important to us today because in the 1920s he was where Trump is now — a leader with an ideological vacuum to fill.

I’ve never heard Trump mention any economist or legal theorist he follows, so I think we can safely assume he will do as Mussolini did. He will make it up as he goes, according to whatever he thinks nec

essary at the moment.

The people he is appointing are of the same mind.4

Trump is, therefore, possibly the largest caliber loose cannon ever to roll around on the pitching deck of America’s ship of state. Investors must cope with this.

That this alarming situation exists...

...is very much the fault of the mainstream me- dia. Liberal, moderate and conservative journalists alike apparently have some sort of tacit agreement that they will never ask any politician or bureaucrat the screamingly obvious question, what ethical lines will you not cross?

None of this is meant to imply...

...that I wish Clinton had won. I think her presi- dency would have been another swan dive into so- cialist hell. Trump is a loose canon, but Clinton would have been a controlled one aimed directly at the engine room.

So, Trump’s reaction to anything is an unknown

When it comes to geopolitics, military affairs, economics, law, the Constitution or the countless other arcane matters about which he will make deci- sions, this is Trump’s first rodeo.

He is a businessman. Government is not a busi- ness. At bottom, business is about production, and government is about the use of brute force.

One of Trump’s greatest challenges...

...will be that as a business owner, he is accus- tomed to having his orders carried out by people who are on the same team as him.

In his new job, he will run up against thousands of civil servants who are almost impossible to fire and who hate everything he stands for (whatever that is this week). They will do all they can to drag their feet, stab him in the back, misinterpret his instruc- tions, and otherwise sabotage anything he tries to do.

He promises to “drain the swamp.” But the swamp is four million government employees who do not want to be drained. This will push him even further into a do-whatever-appears-necessary men- tality.

Let me emphasize...

...I don’t think fascism is where Trump’s heart is. I’m only pointing out that lack of ideology leads inexorably to fascism, which is where America now is.

If Trump starts making references to freedom- oriented intellectual stars —Friedrich Hayek espe- cially, as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan did — then I will joyfully retract that conclusion.

Until then, investors will do well to remember a comment by Johns Hopkins Univ. geopolitical ana- lyst Eliot A. Cohen. Just after the election Cohen wrote that Trump has “no clear worldview. There is no Trump Doctrine, nor is there likely to be one.”5

Every week, Trump finds a new way to shoot from the hip. Prediction: the day will come when the word Trumpist will be a synonym for unpredict- able, erratic, moody, volatile and capricious.

Also keep in mind that because it has no ethical limits, fascism can and often does masquerade as anything else — socialism, freedom, Christianity, Islam, democracy, capitalism, you name it.

But this is not the end, it’s the beginning

Trump may secretly have the profound under- standing and fear of power the American founders did, and we will go straight into a new American Revo- lution, with another golden age beginning a year or two

ater. I give this no more than a five percent probabil- ity.

Much more likely, we will have two or three years of better times as the business world develops hope, and velocity rises. This will be followed by severe price inflation, with Trumpism blamed.

Then, with socialism and Trumpism/fascism both discredited, the search will be on for a new ideology.

All political ideologies boil down to this choice: will your life be controlled by politicians and bureau- crats, or by you?

I am happy to observe that the only ideology left to try is a return to the system of liberty.

Conclusion: two major threats

Investors, never forget that Trumpism is fascism. Its whatever-appears-necessary doctrine means it has no stability, it can turn on a dime.

Because of Trumpism, I see two major threats on the horizon. One is tit-for-tat international trade re- strictions, which we shall examine in detail next month. I promise that, like this and other EWRs, it will be a considerably different story than you are hearing from the mainstream press.

The much greater threat is military, which we will cover in a moment.

The upshot for investors is that America has entered its most intense period of unpredictability since the Civil War. The politicians and bureaucrats have so much arbitrary power over us that the only financial plan that makes any sense is to have no plan. Just be a broken field runner dodging from one patch of daylight to the next. The only comment I have to add to what I said about that on pages 4 to 6 of the Nov.-Dec. 2016 EWR is this: do not take advice from anyone who dis- plays certainty.

The bottom line

The bitter wave of anti-government voting in the election — “Drain the swamp!” — convinces me the change in hearts and minds is happening. We are now headed back toward the system of liberty, when law was knowable, predictable and based on ethics.

But to get there, we must pick our way through the minefield of Trumpism, which is fascism.

Over the next few years, as velocity rises, investors will encounter many great opportunities. Most of EWR’s picks have already begun to pay off handsome- ly.

But Trumpism/fascism means that none of the gov- ernment’s behavior will be predictable, consistent or reliable; booby-traps will abound. I will do my best to help you step carefully.♦

Thu, Dec 29, 2016 - 9:40pm
Mr. Fix
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Green Lantern

That was a nice piece by Richard Mayberry, I'm not entirely sure I agree.

Although I have often said that Trump will be the ultimate tyrant, I think he is a constitutionalist at heart. A few months back, he released a list of names for supreme Court justice picks, and Mark Levin, on WABC radio in New York, said that the list was quite impressive, and that he knew many of them to be strict constitutionalists.

Trump has vowed that his supreme court pics will be constitutionalists, which I think it is a valid window into his ideology.

Now if it were to play out that way, as we have often stated in the past, constitutional law/ common-law, are all based on natural law.

In other words, we could be looking at the resurgence of liberty.

Some of the things that Trump has said recently, might point otherwise. For example, he's all for the NSA gathering all of our info, and he is a strong advocate of eminent domain, which is obviously a contradiction.

Draining the swamp would be nice, and I really don't think he has much of a choice. If he doesn't drain it quickly, the swamp monsters will come out and eat him alive.

Now assuming that America isn't embroiled in a civil war by the end of January, I don't think we will have a genuine read on his ideology until mid spring.

Natural law, or common law, would afford us the maximum liberty possible.

In a nutshell, if there are no victims, no crime has been committed.

Of course, that leaves the entire federal government guilty of grand theft, fraud and crimes against humanity, which must be addressed.

A lot can happen in the next three weeks,

I've already made my predictions, but if we make it past January 21, we will be in uncharted territory.

Trumps economic plan is pure fantasy, it will be interesting to see what he really does.

If he doesn't get rid of the federal reserve, and return to honest money, nothing else he does will matter.

I've read in multiple places that he has hired his own private security, and does not trust the Secret Service.

He intends to go to war against the powers that be, and he's personally paying for the best security money can buy.

Of course, if he doesn't give a crap about who he pisses off, we could just as easily be in the crosshairs.

So, we wait, and hope for something like this:

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Fri, Dec 30, 2016 - 12:01am (Reply to #10511)

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Fri, Dec 30, 2016 - 12:09am

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Fri, Dec 30, 2016 - 12:15am

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Fri, Dec 30, 2016 - 2:16am
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The Trump deal

Trump will be a great leader. People have been largely conditioned to follow a linear path.

In reality, linear is a 'red herring'.

The cyclic empirical forces that dictate 'the way things are', will have their way.

Evolution is a multi - dimensional web of intrigue that cannot be stopped.

Life goes on.https://i1.wp.com/www.buzzativ.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/life-goes-...

In high tide fish eat the ants, in low tide ants eat the fish. - Thai proverb