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The LCS Report

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Is there really a shortage of metal? Well, this form will try to keep an eye on that important fact.

Please post a brief report here each time you stop in a dealer.

If we compile them, I believe we'll have an important indicator of what is really going on among our class of buyers.

Some say we need to watch the inventory of 1000 or 5000 oz bars. I am not sure we have real access to that data. We only get reported numbers from organizations that may or may not want us to know the truth. But we can try to track availability and premiums of the products we purchase. In particular, the Local Coin Shops and other bullion dealers tucked in between other businesses in strip malls around the world provide much product to folks like us. Whe they cannot get enough metal to satisfy their customers, then we can sit up and take notice.

So, if you can provide a LCS report covering four data points, regularly, repeatedly, perhaps we can construct a meaningful picture of supplies nd premiums at the retail level.
For both gold and silver...

  1. Are inventories increasing or decreasing?
  2. Premium on minted coins?
  3. Premium on bars & rounds?
  4. Where are you?

Any data at all will help. If we can send in sufficient LCS reports, the data can be considered generalizable. I suspect that our sample will be random enough by virtue of the wide range of readers here. I'll copy and paste any LCS reports that get posted on the main pages as iI run across them, and I'll try to post graphs and charts on main street as I create them.

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