Gold Making News All Over The World - But Not In America

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Gold Making News All Over The World - But Not In America

Gold is making news around the world but is barely noticed in the United States. Russia made its largest monthly gold purchase in September in 14 years; India and China are buying massive amounts of gold and in Switzerland, the Save Our Swiss Gold, initiative that would require the Swiss National Bank to buy 1,500 tons of gold is leading in the polls;

In the United States the only coverage about gold is bashing it CNBC .

As we pointed out in the "Importance of Gold to Individuals and Nations", neither the U.S. government nor its citizens generally are interested in gold. The U.S. Federal Reserve never makes mention of it EVER in their speeches or testimony. Indeed, its only with annoyance that any member of the Federal Reserve will discuss gold, as evidenced in this exchange between former Congressman Ron Paul and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

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