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Ok probably wrong forum and sorry but I can't figure this out or find and and answer on the net. Calling broker services wasn't much help either. I had some large cap ( learned that term here) stock that was and is paying a nice dividend. Yet, I'm getting nervous about what I'm reading. And they missed their last quarter and still paid out so I'm more nervous. Why? I dunno. I just go 90% of the time with my gut feeling. So I decide to sell 1/3 when it's down a bit after hours. Then I put the order in next day cuz I have no clue how to sell after hours which was good cuz it up again. For simplicity let's say I sold 100 at 40 usd. So by my mind that means 4k minus fees etc. I put the order in by 1 pm which they said you had to do for same day sale. So the question is how come I got a check for almost 15% more than my math says I should have. Can or should I cash it. I got a chance to buy a pm collection. A guy my age was gonna sell it to a dealer and I told him I'd meet his price n a lil more. I'm buying pms with rest too. Sorry but I hope prices keep going down. The question is i checked the price of the stocks I sold and they dont add up. I also checked my remainder and it checks out too. On another note. I took some out years ago just to have a certificate. You know see it. Well they told me each eleven was now one? I mean wtf is that? Last I remember is shoving them up the front seat of a car years ago. So I gotta pay 25 to replace each lost one or I reckon they don't exist..... Also why do oldest shares have to be sold first. Is there a reason for this? Ps. Ill be making comments on breeders cup thread but this is one of if not the most difficult high profile cards I've ever attempted to handicap as a gambler. I'm some sorry but I just keep getting this bad feeling that won't go away. It's increasing in intensity. An it's not what I'm reading it's what I'm seeing in real life. What my eyes are seeing. My mom used to call it " mojo". My body talking me and tell me to get the he'll out of the market. I swear I never think about stocks. Except when checks came. Then I'd forget about them again. Ok now I'm back to regular scheduled activity.

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I sounds that your stock

It sounds that your stock possibly had a split since you bought it, extra units of stock issued to holders of the "old" stock, and if that happened (possibly) you own more units of stock than you thought.

Try searching for stock splits in the past and after your purchase date.

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