Can the Soaring Dollar Sustain its Trajectory?

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Can the Soaring Dollar Sustain its Trajectory?

The Dollar is soaring. Can it be sustained?

Podcast Summary:

0:00 - 3:26 Introduction

Alternative Media Echoes Mainstream Media

3:26-4:40 Discussion of the alternative media's coverage of main stream media news stories. The stories still mostly originate with the main stream media, while the alternative media comments on them. This reinforces the mainstream media's narrative.

The Rise of the Dollar

4:40-6:10 The renewed confidence in the dollar resulting in a much stronger dollar and its impact is discussed.

Confidence in the Dollar Soars - The Dollar is King Con! #gold #silver

— Smaulgld (@Smaulgld) September 30, 2014

The dollar is being rewarded because the Fed is not doing what they are not supposed to be doing i.e. quantitative easing. The Fed is closing down this round of quantitative easing and threatening to abandon its zero interest rate policy by raising rates.

The Fed, thus appears to be a prudent steward of the dollar - after six years of zero interest rates and $4 trillion of money printing, all is forgotten!

What if?

If the Fed had announced in 2009 that they were going to pursue a policy of printing $4 trillion over the next six year and keeping interest rates at zero, the dollar would have collapsed. Yet that is what they did and the dollar is stronger now than in 2009!

Russia Threatens to Abandon the Dollar in Two- Three Years

Greenspan on Gold in Foreign Affairs


Gold and Silver

Gold and silver have been going down and the media has been trashing gold.

Manipulation or not, the low prices have driven gold and silver sales higher.

The Rise of the Dollar
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