so if/when do you think the crimex will default???

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#1 Wed, Oct 1, 2014 - 2:14am
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so if/when do you think the crimex will default???

a new thread in SILVER. picking dates and talking about if/when we get a crimex errCOMEX default and price finally gets to float. i would love to read what all you'll think on that subject.

i wanted to add in my opinion still playing in paper allows this nonsense to continue. shorting with a tight stop and pulling it out into phyzz is and has been a way to go, but please just take the metal off the market now and lets be done with this shEEt.

your thoughts

i will come back in a week and gather all the dates. example: 12/21/2014 ~ closest turdite i will spring for a foam yellow hat. cheers

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no better time than now

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