Inflation or Deflation: What's Next?

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Inflation or Deflation: What's Next?

The Fed Apologists Get Aggressive

6:20 - 11:40 The Fed apologists are congratulating themselves claiming that the economy is fine and there is no inflation and there has been no crash.

Seems like passengers sitting in a 747 where three of the engines have gone out, the plane is still aloft and has been for awhile since the announcement was made and the passengers are convinced and tell each other everything is fine! As long as the stock market is higher the Fed apologists gloat.

According to Ben Bernanke in 2009 QE was supposed to be a temporary program and it has turned into a six year one. The assets bought by the Fed were supposed to be sold, now we are told by Ms. Yellen they will be sold by the end of the decade (they won't).

Even though QE is ending the Fed is going to roll over the existing bonds that they have and reinvest the interest, thereby creating an ongoing QE. The Fed is also propping up the stock market not just by zero interest rate policy and QE but also by buying stocks too!

Why Doesn't the Fed Just Hand out Money to People Instead of to Banks?

15:20 - 17:30 The proposal that government hand out money is discussed. A scheme like this puts the elite in control and allows them to dictate how much money the people are going to get. Handing out money, like printing money with out any corresponding increase in production, is inflationary.

Inflation vs. Deflation

19:37 -22:54 A recent debate between Harry Dent and James Rickards regarding inflation and deflation is discussed.

Podcast Summary

Inflation vs. Deflation
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