Park Model Homes to live in

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Park Model Homes to live in

I am looking into purchasing a park model home, possibly a model with the loft.   Previously, I was thinking about just purchasing a  camper with a slide out which we have had years ago.  I still look for small humble houses to buy on a small piece of  land, but my latest idea of a park model has me looking hard. 

To give you an example, this is what I am looking into: [just a builder site]

Doing this alone takes some time in figuring out cost compared to purchasing a small home under 1000 sq ft, but not 200 sq ft.  

I plan to head to a park model factory and get numbers to help with decision making.  This would be my main resident.

I just want to throw this out here and hear of anyone who has had the same thought.  I know there are many 55+ park model communities and I see the youth are looking into the same as well, especially the Tiny House movement.  I don't want to deal with a community with HOAs.  I would like my own pieces of property if it would work out.


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