The Importance of Gold

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The Importance of Gold

It's Our Currency And Our Problem

Most Americans don't understand that gold is not an investment- it is an asset or an insurance policy.

Gold is money.

A country's currency not backed by gold is only as good as the soundness of its monetary and fiscal policy.

The Fed's QE's dollar printing scheme is a clear abuse of monetary policy and running trillion dollar deficits and having unfunded liabilities in the hundreds of trillions of dollars is a sign of imprudent U.S. fiscal policy.

The average life expectancy of a fiat currency is 27 years.

In contrast gold has been money for thousands of years.

Gold knows no political instability, conducts no reckless monetary or fiscal policy, doesn't defaut or threaten to default on its obligations, doesn't rely on electricity or a network to retain its value, doesn't require trust in human institutions or human stewardship.

The United States can no longer ignore or dismiss the complaints that other countries have about the debasement of the dollar.

It's time to realize: It's our currency and our problem.

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