Buy my gold?

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Buy my gold?

Hi everyone,

I have 6 coins I am looking to unload, a total of around 6.6 ounces.

3 Mexican gold pesos around 1.2057 ounces each
2 Chinese gold pandas
1 South African krugerrand

I would preferably like to sell to one buyer if possible.
I have dealt with Urban Roman in the past where I traded
around 100+ buffalo silver coins for some gold, the process went
very smoothly. If you are in the DC Metro area all the better,
we won't have to deal with shipping.

For price I thought we meet somewhere in between spot and what
you as an individual could buy from a shop so it would be an ideal
situation for both.

Going by today's prices:

Best price for a chinese panda right now is 1360
I will do 1340.00. So 2680 for both.

Krugerrand is going for 1342, I will do 1330.

Mexican Gold peso is going for around 1588 lowest,
I will do 1578 right at spot price.

So that is 2680+1330+4734(3x1578)= 8744 would be the total

For someone buying all 6 I could go under spot for the
pesos a bit. If you are in the DC metro area all the better.
Looking forward to serious inquiries.

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