A Legend is returning.

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A Legend is returning.

I realize that most folks are generally only mildly interested in horse racing for the KY derby. But there is a legend that I advised folks to watch on the derby undercard that day. His name is Wise Dan and he won that day like he does most the time. In fact, I'd dare say he is unbeatable at a mile. You won't make money betting him and you will lose money betting against him. That is not what makes him special tho. He is seven and that like a human athlete being 50plus and still at the top of his game. He's been americas horse of the year for two years in a row. He also has been the first horse since John Henry in 1981 to be named older male horse of the year, champion male turf HOY as well as HOY. He's made and broken track records along the way. That's also not what makes him so special. He has won by 17 lengths, won carrying the high weight, as much as 11lbs. He's beaten older, younger and the best from Europe. He's done in from the front, from off the pace, and by having to dig in for by a nose. Most impressively, he's done it in downpours on turf that was like quicksand. He also outlasted his competition by years. Keep in mind he's the target in every race. He's the horse everyone wants to beat. And they have tried every way you can think of. This years he began 2-2, when he was stuck with severe colic. Fortunately, he was very close to an equine center where he under went surgery. Now a mere 8 weeks later, he's back in training and from the video I received he looks great. Wise Dan doesn't grab your attention until you see him move. Then you can see, what I imagine his granddam sire secretariat would have looked like racing at his age. You can see the massive hind muscles generating this fluid burst of power from the rear and his front transferring it back to the rear again. He doesn't get the hype because like John Henry he was a slow starter and he's a gelding. Which I reckon is why he was gelded. Many want to see him race against palace malice who is currently the best horse in the country right now. If that happens it won't until the breeders cup in the fall. However, i for the first time ever don't care. I just want to see him return in form and once again out run, not just his competition but the wind. If he isn't ready for the aug 9th Fourstar dave handicap, he will go to the The benard Baruch handicap on aug 30th. First starts back are always risky and after surgery and at seven. I'll be biting my nails and hoping it isn't the last time I see him. I've seen tens of thousands horses race but when wise Dan starts moving I get a knot in my throat. On another note, the filly Untapable who I believe is the best 3yr old in the country will take on the boys in the Haskell like rachael Alexandra did a few years back. I really don't get why the European fillies routinely run and win against the colts as part of their regular campaigns. Yet, it is a big thing here.

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