Is the Stock Market Near Collapse?

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Is the Stock Market Near Collapse?

Is the Stock Market Ready to Collapse?

13:56-18:26 discussion of the tenuous position of the stock market with sky high valuations and no underlying fundamentals to support them.

The stock market could do down on a moment’s notice and stay down because the companies are not doing that well and will do worse after a stock market crash, so a swift rebound may not happen even if the Fed attempts to reflate. The Fed appears to be trying to talk down the market a little perhaps to avoid a larger correction or crash.

Ron Paul and Elizabeth Warren vs. The Fed

30:20-35:48 Discussion of the difference between REAL questioning of the Fed, like Ron Paul vs the faux populism fake theater questioning of Elizabeth Warren.

See Ms. Warren and Janet yuck it up after the hearing.

Breaking Point for the Stock Market

41:22-46:10 Market participants certainly know they are participating in a farce. When does the market stop playing along. When is "dot bomb!" called? What happens to the economy when the market crashes? Will investors dive back in expecting a quick rebound?

What Happens after the Next Stock Market Crash?

The stock market is at an all time high but the US economy is nowhere near its all time peak. Sales are down and its not the weather.

Massive Stock Market Collapse?

51:00 prospects for a market collapse are discussed. Bubble companies with no earnings can not be blown back up especially in a post crash economy. Companies will fall to fair value and drift lower as their prospects decline. The Fed would like to ease some froth out of the market to avoid a larger crash. Discussion of central planning and their involvement in the stock market which is close to price fixing.

Podcast Summary

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