Low or No 'Government'...?

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Low or No 'Government'...?

Couple of interesting posts regarding no / low government. Shame the debate is not sustained here.

Surely the important aspect here is not the level of government, but whether tax payment should forced or by voluntary means? It is the system of forced / coerced tax payment that has led us here. - Without coercion the crook banks would have collapsed years ago and the bad guys would have been locked up. There would have been NO tax payers to bail out the crooks. People would be free from the liability of others.

Most people do not need to be governed. (How many would you murder tomorrow if government ceased tomorrow?) We just need some organizations, working in competition, to provide services we need including locking up the very few who do need to be governed. We pay for those services as we would any other good or service.

I'll put this here, if any would like to debate this further?

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