List of "Events" July 15th-20th

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List of "Events" July 15th-20th

Ok, this whole "Mid-July" thing is driving me nuts. I keeps seeing more and more things about it, so I thought I would make a forum with a complete list of events/"game-changers" that are projected to happen in this time period.

1. Announcement of a new "open" silver fix, implying the end of price fix manipulation

2. LaGarde's rambling numerology speech

3. Silver "event signal" detected by some guy on the radio

4. Fukushima projected to overheat:

5. Bitcoin's extremely repetitive log chart pattern suggests a new high on or about July 15th near $5000 before a ~50% crash.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch here. I only started this forum because I keep seeing this date coming up and it's driving me crazy. If anyone has anything to add to the list, or a link to sources, please post them and I will update the OP. I'd do it all myself, but I'm a little drunk already. Will do it myself tomorrow if no-one helps out.

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