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Update from marcellus country

After 5 years of observing cracking in Marcellus country I'm fairly certain of a few things. One well a few miles away from me that was only 3 years is dead. One the reserves are vastly over estimated. I've seen the flames go out on more wells than I see new ones being drilled. The Feds forced me to allow a pipeline underground. I held them up for as long as I could. One thing so far I do have control over is they can't, at least not yet, force me to allow them to drill a well. They want five acres off me badly. I think because there used to be an old oil well and storage tank there from penns oil that had to be a hundred years old. They can shove their money up their arse. It's a pittance compared to devaluation of pristine farmland. Second and more important. I don't give rats arse what the studies say or don't say. It is definitely having an effect on the soil. Even before fracking we routinely have the quality of the grass/hay tested. This is so we know soil additives are needed and what other grasses need to be planted to reach the optimum nutritional value for the animals. The year to year variant cannot possibly be explained by any whether. Nor can the failure of certain grass seeds to thrive and the low quality of those grasses. Thirdly, I consider the natural ground springs the most valuable asset on my farm. One of my prime pastures is now a swamp. They changed the natural flow of the water and several attempts by them to correct it. I'm currently sueing them for proper correction and damages. I am not an enviomental nut. I think greenies are fools. I truly believe green is 85% fraud and the rest is just plain common sense. But something is very amiss in fracking country and I have no idea what it is.

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