wood,I cant believe its not discussed here

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#1 Fri, Mar 28, 2014 - 4:03am
thurd aye
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wood,I cant believe its not discussed here

OK,I may easily have missed it knowing me.But you guys with your oil and gas are going to be disappointed when its suddenly no longer on tap,or horrendously expensive.

Time to make your plans for a woodstove, a rocket stove,an outdoor fire pit whatever you will need to burn the woody stuff.My personal wood supply is growing by the month.Im lucky to have plenty of old farm type buildings to stack and dry it.I have a minimum of two severe winters stacked,and I fully believe it is worth its weight in ,well not gold maybe,silver.I dont buy PMs anymore.I am already All-in at my 90%.Rest is cash /accounts,33/66 %.If the SHTF,or when,My lot will be warm and cooking our saved items.

also bought 20 meat birds,but thats by the by.

Save wood,maybe buy an acre of woodland and protect it,and think wood,no innuendo boys.

Have a great day)))

thurd aye.

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