Hola from Thailand I'm Pattaya7

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Hola from Thailand I'm Pattaya7

I'm Pattaya7 and I live in Pattaya, Thailand.  Father, Gold bug and Ron Paul libertarian.

Former U.S Army Officer.  I speak English , Spanish and some Thai.  I watch the Asian markets and trade the U.S.

I can comment on being an XPat and The gold market in Asia.

Now living full retired and I have a Thai girlfriend.  Life is wonderful!  

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I'd like to extend a cordial welcome to you.

I didn't even notice you, until you started rising up the “leaderboard”.

Seeing as I am on the  cheap side of the pay wall, I've only read a couple of your posts,  after they were released to the general public.

I love your point of view, don't be a stranger, there's many of us on the far side of the wall that would love to get acquainted with you.

Peace. smiley


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

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