Scalar Wave Pendant reduces Rouleaux Live Blood Test

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Scalar Wave Pendant reduces Rouleaux Live Blood Test

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That was fascinating,

Over the years, I've seen such pendants advertised, claiming to do all kinds of wonderful things, but you are the first to provide anything that resembles scientific proof. I am quite impressed.

I've been drinking my own homemade colloidal silver for over a year now, and I owe that in part to your other forum where you explained the benefits of it, along with the links. 

In my own pursuit of enhancing my own health, I think that scaler technology has some benefits, and I will just take your word for it if you think that it is beneficial, I do not have the technical resources available to you to demonstrate what you just did on the video.

On your next video, or post, I would appreciate it if you could put up a link, as to where your pendant is available for purchase, so I can assess the cost, and plan accordingly.

I would also be interested in knowing how these pendants are actually produced, and what it takes to infuse scaler technology into a pendant.

You seem to have a far greater understanding of this, and you could teach me a lot.

I've seen similar products advertised, at surprisingly high costs, with no way of verifying whether it was real, or just a chunk of metal. It would leave me wondering if the results were just psychosomatic. I suppose I could achieve a placebo effect by hanging a  silver eagle around my neck, but I did not know of a good way of fooling myself.

So that is my only request, share with us some of your source material, as mentioned above,

I am more inclined to endeavor to use such a pendant than I was before I watched your video.

Thank you.


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the teacher will appear."

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