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Read through this thread and just stick to the original poster's posts (the other posters' stuff is irrelevant). Depending on how this goes, you may be able to be sure of avoiding the VAT on imported maples, Brits and ASEs etc..........not a done deal but I do urge you to read.........

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WTF ! Now you tell us !!!

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5% VAT on silver numismatics

Great news Hammer.

I have always been a Au kind of bloke (because of the tax situation), buy wifey is really into silver and insisted earlier this year on getting some ounces of silver.  Yes, we had the 20% passed on to us, which we had to pay (oh God, the pain!!) and I will make sure that we get our refund from the man (she can deal with that, it was her idea).

Thanks for following this and passing on the info.

Kind regards


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Here's the vat-refund form that you'll need to send in...

Tell them that the code exempts vat.

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