Storage of Gold

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Storage of Gold

I have been reading Jim Sinclair's blog for a number of months. He recommends storing gold outside the US, preferably in Singapore. I have been storing mine locally, and feel nervous about having it so far away in someone else's hands. Storage costs will also add up a lot over time. On TF Metals, everyone talks about "stacking" which I assume means buying and holding coins myself, which is what I have been doing, and prefer to continue to do. What do you guys think? 

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Cube Storage in Canada

in Victoria, BC

you can info through

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I would assume Santa is

I would assume Santa is speaking to those who have a net worth in the 8+ figure range.  I would say if you can afford to move to Singapore and not have to consider working, he is speaking to you.  A few monster boxes of GOLD in the mattress would not be smart, but a few tubes do not worry me.  I just worry about the 10# bass eating mine.  In Oklahoma we run jug lines to catch catfish, sometimes I wonder if the jugs aren't used to mark scuba trips.

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Just read this article from

Just read this article from Anglo Far East, it seems Jim has his gold stored in Africa, or at least he did last year.


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