Coordinated Mass Buy-In

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Coordinated Mass Buy-In

Coordinated Mass Buy-In

Base on the hat-tips to the post below, there appears to be some interest in a beta test for a Coordinated Mass Silver Buy-in for the month of October.

“The only way we can win this battle is to work together … to show the banksters that we can organize. There are at least 10,000 silver bugs on this site.
How to begin? One day (to be decided) in the month October we will each collectively purchase 10 oz of silver. We will drain the system of 100,000 oz in a flash. We will then step back and assess the situation and plan for the next attack.

The silver market is not that big and if we work together we put pressure on the industrial boys who needs silver to keep the world running. We must create clogs in the system and the only way to do it is work together.

Hat tip this if you are in for a small beta test. Can we get one thousand people to commit to the first mass buy-in in October?”

Several questions have been raised … such as the timing and the sources to make this purchase. Please provide any suggestions that will help to coordinate this effort.

If we wait for the CFTC or millionaires such as Sprott to ride to the rescue, it won’t happen. The CFTC is without rule of law and the Sprotts of the world can only collect our money, buy silver, then charge us a fee to keep it.

Collectively we are as powerful as any multi millionaires … we are the strong hands. We purchase silver for protection from a crooked system and our silver is in the bottom of our lakes.

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Silver purchases

You have a great idea and that is something I have advocated in this site for a long time. Silver is our only weapon/protection from the EE.

I think the only way that we can jointly corner this market is to get PM hungry countries like China and India to get into these purchases. Heck, even the Chinese housewives themselves can corner the silver market by themselves.

We need some prominent people like  contributors from KWN, Sinclair, Ted Butler, AM, Mike Maloney to spread this message about this open manipulation from our govts and also to teach about the fundamentals of silver. If we are going to coordinate this, lets do this in a world wide scale.

I'm all in!

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Count me in

I'm down, just let me know the date.

Perhaps a page can be setup where people "Pledge" and then an e-mail blast goes out that day as a reminder.. just an idea, not sure how much leg work is involved with it but could be worth the effort.

I remember when Max Kaiser had his "Buy Silver Crash JPMorgan" campaign back during the epic run-up to $49 in 2011...Always wondered if that partially contributed to the run-up. Probably.

Anyways, this is a great idea and I'm down. We need to get as much attention to this as possible, maybe we can even get Kaiser to hop on board to plug this as well, now that Turd is friends with him it may be possible..Even if we get guys from Silver Docs, Miles Franklin, etc.. to co-sign or promote something like this that would be a good strategic move.

Kinda think of it like a "Silver Money Bomb" ala Ron Paul's record breaking online fundraising during his '08 campaign. Aside from tightening up the Silver supply and hopefully sticking it to the CFTC and JPM, Fed, etc.. ULTIMATELY, it's attention and publicity that should be the primary goal here.

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Great idea

I am in.

Coordination is the key.

GREAT idea



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I'm In!!

Just announce the date!


Stupid is, is what stupid does...

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If Turd can get us a 'group buy' price from . . .

His partner bullion dealer, I'm in.  I could also very likely bring in several more folks who I don't think are TFMetals people but would be very interested none-the-less.

I'm due for another purchase anyway and would gladly go in on a mass-buy for max impact. 


"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." - Frederic Bastiat

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Started Early.


1000 in JM 100's for CAD23000 gone. Since I'm happy with the price and there is nothing too appealing left from my supplier (I do not touch exotics), I'll save the rest of the powder for the week of October 25th ....... if the wheels can manage to stay on this pending disaster.

Lovely Fall day here. Low 60's and sun. Think I'll head to Stanley with some coffee and make a lap  ............. to ponder the fact that humanity is capable of so much more than this bubbly leveraged illusion of a city I'm looking out at.


October 25th. For Turdites. For the productive class.


-There is no difference between democracy and communism when the majority are unproductive.

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sounds good

Mrs. Achmachat wants me to change some of the silver we have in a silver account at a bank into physical.
(works like this: phone call -> converted to € -> buy Ag from dealer)

So that would be two Royal Canadian Mint boxes full of Silver Maples.

When is the day?

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Silver Mass Buy-In Date

Silver Mass Buy-In Date

Unless there are strong objections, Oct. 31, Halloween Night, is the date for the coordinated buy-in. 

We need 1,000 Turds to participate in this beta test.

As far as sources are concerned, can we support those that support this site such as JM Billion or Silver Doc?  One goal is to take new silver off the market if possible.  Disclaimer:  I have zero affiliation with either JM or Silver Doc they are just suggestions.  Other suggestions are appreciated. 

The way I see it we have limited options; continue to read tealeaves and bitch or ORGANIZE and take the battle to them. 

We have four weeks to spread the word.  I have shared this concept with my LCS and it is onboard and will help to spread the message.  I ask that you do the same.  This is a group effort so share and post to all PM communities you visit.  Point them to this thread to learn more about it. 

Once a purchase is made please report back to this thread so we can gauge the success.  Or if you are concerned about unanimity we can create some sort of hat-tip-secret-hand-shake later on.  There is nothing to lose and oh so much to gain.  Let’s get her done. 

p.s. there will be those who will try to derail this effort so keep your noses clean and face the wind. 

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From Silver Doc

@woofwoof: We would be excited to help the co-ordinated mass silver buy day at SDBullion. Has the day been decided as Oct 31st? We'll put together an industry best any qty sale for that day, and sell silver at basically break-even to see how big of a message we can collectively send.
It would be worth contacting the Sound Money Campaign to help promote the co-ordinated buy. They heavily promoted a similar co-ordinated silver physical campaign on May 1st I believe, and whether as a result or co-incidental, we saw premiums explode and supply delays explode for the next 2 months as a wholesale shortage of physical silver developed (obviously silver's trip down to $18 played a large role as well).
It's time to fight back!

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October 25 works for me

Anniversary of Charge of the Light Brigade. Perfectcheeky

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Be sure to wear your "cardigan" (tear it first?) when you make your order, as a double blow to TPTB; one for the past and one for the future.

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Great idea...

... though I suspect many of us would be doing so anyway. In for a tube or two.

Thanks for sharing your stories, too.


Turdland Jobs Forum

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1 order done. 1 to go. No ripped Cardie.

All is sweet in GodZone. I may plant some spring tube(r)s to celebrate

Have fun on Halloween without me

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Sorry, but again I ask the

Sorry, but again I ask the same question, there are billions of ounces of silver available just from the prior years of people buying silver coins. I believe Nick Elway did a very good feature on this, so again I have to ask, what is the purpose of a simultaneous buy?

Okay, let's suppose 10,000 do purchase, that amounts to about 0.13% of annual mined supply? Actually my numbers may be a little off but it's close enough, in other words while it may feel good, it doesn't achieve anything.

Furthermore according to Turd, JPM the biggest bank of them all is net long, so the whole narrative that the likes of Max Keiser pushed, has now been turned upside down.

That said, you will get many chances to purchase silver in the coming weeks and months and on that note, I will be buying some limited edition silver coins to add to my collection, heck, I may even buy one of those ironically named "ethical" rounds from max keiser.

This kind of rallying the troops sounds like desperation and I would say to that, there is no point despairing because at some point in the coming years it will turn around but I just find it highly unlikely we will see much sign of that in the coming 6 months.

That said, these billionaires like Schiff, like Sprott, like Maloney, like Rogers, like David Morgan, Jim Sinclair are not our "friends" they are business men, they buy and they sell silver. There is not a straight line that carries silver to the stars and I am sure a similar conversation to this one probably between 2 unrelated people will take placc in 3 years time, 5 years time etc.

However if you believe that a super sonic rally is just around the corner, then there is no reason to co-ordinate anything as the rich bulls will carry the momentum for us. The reality is though that sales of silver in Asia have been fairly pedestrian and that's not my opinion, that's the opinion of Jeff Nielson and David Morgan.

I don't mean to sound patronising, but this is just an investment and a possible hedge, a hard asset, there are more important things to concern yourself with.

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I would add Jims site,how many PM Jims are there?

Hi,great idea coordinating for the 31st October.I have jumped in this month and cant afford another cent,but...I would add  .Jim Rawles does a great job,loves silver,and has a massive readership of like-minded folk.

Weather sunny,cool,very pleasant 57f midday going to 70f soon. Euro-land.


TPTB,BB,USG,UKG,and assorted liars,billionaire-politicians world wide.The noose awaits you .

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