Comments from an Air Force Soldier related to Syria

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Comments from an Air Force Soldier related to Syria

Jus tposted this in Green Lanterns blog but I figured it would be best off here ...

This is just what he told my sister and I. We have talked on multiple occassions over the last year about potential deployment (Iran, Jordan, etc.) and now its been put in gear ...

My sister's BF (well, ex now ... thats a diff story lol) has just told us that he was immediately ordered to stop ALL activitities and report to base. Literally the day he got there, he was flown down to Texas to start prelim training (2 weeks) ... He is there now.

After the 2 weeks, His divisions and other air force personnel are scheduled for a 6 week WAR PREPARATION in South Carolina (I believe it was a SC base).


Thats all I have to say right now ... I'll see if he says anymore after the 2 weeks in texas on his way to the next training camp....


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timing let's say 14 days from sept 10, that gives sept 24.

Six weeks later is mid-November.

I doubt we'll be boots on the ground in Syria at that time, especially with USAF.

More likely, we'll have UAV's over Syria and USAF assets will be brought to bear in a true "hunt for red october".

In this case, we'll be joining others in hunting for chemical munitions.

With the events yesterday in DC (Navy Yard mass shooting), you have to wonder about the whole "civilian contractor" structure.  Between Snowden, this shooting, and the TSA guy who went rogue on 9/11/13, and the other LA rogue mass shooter from about six months ago; you have to wonder when we're going to make government contractors into government employees.

Or, are we really saying that the government pensions are only for the "connected" partisans?

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Well...that's certainly interesting.


An epic lack of foresight, accuracy and rationale...

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Im in somehwat of an

Im in somehwat of an agreement but it is a true statement ... he is down there training.

I don't directly talk to him anymore ... only my sister does (Can anyone guess why I don't talk to him anymore?? lol)

I don't have an update either, but will ask again soon ...

What is odd is ... He has a job as local PD and was pulled from that job to go to base and then down to texas... He just started that job about 6-8 months ago

Now why the hell would he need to be called ... especially as a forward deploying unit (if thats really the case)???

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Hard to say for sure...

Our military often does things that make no sense, at least if you don't have the bureaucratic backstory.  I would suggest this, the USAF as well as the other branches probably realize that even limited involvement in Syria could trigger WWIII and they're not the type of folks that take chances.  They will train for any conceivable mission, limited only by time and money (neither of which are in especially short supply, especially in the Air Force).

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