What gold explorers does everyone own/like?

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What gold explorers does everyone own/like?

Just curious as to what everyone owns, likes and why? With the recent downturn, and now recovery pending, I whittled down my explorers to some of the strongest and best I could find. In no particular order they are:

I'll go first:

Alexandria Minerals (ALXDF) I like the large land package, the low cost of exploration, the management, the interest in the company by majors who own shares (I think AEM has 10%), and the fact that the potential of their akasaba project in Canada is comparable to Laronge, a larger mine in the Albeti Greenstone belt in Canada which I believe has over 10 MM ounces of gold. (ALXDF currently has about 2.1 MM oz gold and gold equivalents in the ground both indicated and inferred)

Moneta Porcupine (MPUCF) Soon to be windjammer gold, I like the fact that they did a 10 million buck financing later last year, and the drilling campaign to find more gold is spearheaded by one of the best in the industry. We are hoping to have over 10 million ounces of gold here, but I believe they have around 5 MM ounces now. I expect news soon after the name change occurs in Sept. Also, it appears insiders have been buying the stock recently. I am hoping for positive drill results to be released soon.

Ginguro Exploration (GNGXF) I posted a seperate forum on this one. I like the fact that Rob Mcewen has been investing and that it could be a MAJOR new find in Canada. This is my favorite current play. I am extremely excited about the potential to find something extraordinary! The downside is this will take time, but the makings are here for one to dream about (when I say dream, I mean potential to find over 100 million ounces of gold. Way to early to state this, but it is a Witswatersrand deposit in the making!!!!!!!!)

Sabina Gold and Silver (SGSVF) Most people probably know about this one. I like that they are cashed up with a big resource

Pretium resources (PVG) I also like the fact that they are cashed up with one of the biggest finds in Canada with high Grades. I believe they found 55 million ounces of gold.

Previously, I owned VANTFF, EXSFF, COLUF, BALMF, ANGCF, PNIKF in addition to the above, but I decided to consolidate some of my holdings

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im currently looking into adding 1-3 miners in both gold and silver and looking at different companies.

Seems like the forum likes the posts on the main page by turd, and buying only metals though. little acticity here.

understandable from a psychology perspective, interest will come back when prices go up i guess.

ive heard good things about PVG, will look into alexandria a bit further, thanks.

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buying miners now

my two cents, well,

it seems   safe to say  after over 2 years of what looks like  manipulation in this  collapsing sector..... how can one feel safe to buy miners.

I think the best   chance  one can take at this point is  to Only buy  when price is at or near the June bottom zone.

and even this would be   if someone has no investments  in miners.... not already being  fully invested in a pile of miners  in the last 4 years.

The sector is so  destroyed  now, that even when experts say  these are screaming bargains at this level,  the game of  'destroy the miners'  appears to be still ongoing , the short attackers  have been  completely successful in killing the share price. 

Buying now, means you believe the  selling is over. the bottom zone is  near, and the game  will change soon,  or that  they cant fall too much further.

Following the miners every day for the last 4 years, I decided that  in summer 2012, miners appeared to be at the bottom, along with gold at 1525, How could this not be a fair bottom.

Now look  at the  share price  in your miners   in summer 2012.... and look where they are now.  Thats how much lower they fell.

What  indications do you have that this short attack game is over.

Do you see the CEO's of miners starting to take a stand and    file complaints with the government agencies?

do you  see  the billion chinese and indian   citizens who buy the metals also investing in the US stock market  buying the miners ?

Isnt the mining sector  part of the  currency war  battle ongoing ?

I would buy some PVG  now.

not sure what else.

EGO  at 6

SVM at 2.90

FSM at 3

AG at  10 or lower

PHYS at 10.50 or lower

gold bullion at 1280 and lower

silver at 21 and lower

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