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Mining Stocks Newsletter Recommendation

What is the best way for a newbie to invest in miners, especially juniors? I was thinking a mining stocks investment newsletter would be good.  Any recommendations for what would be the best newsletter? Or, is there another method that would be better?



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I've tried a few and have stayed with Casey's International Speculator. You can get a 90 day trial. Payment in advance is required but they actually will issue a refund on request with no hassles. Avoid Jay Taylor publications IMO.


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newbie and newsletters and investing in a rigged game

Hi John.

youre asking for advise about buying miners. But there  might be more that you need to be asking.

You say youre  a 'newbie'     but what kind of newbie?  a newbie to investing  altogether ? or a newbie  to   investing in miners.

Other  issues  involve what kind of money you want to invest . Did you just receive  a big inheritance. or are you looking to 

invest   from a little savings.

If someone is not an investor at all, and they are a newbie and want to start investing........... my advise would be to stay away from all investments. the market is completely manipulated , rigged  some would say.

Just  take  the spare money you want to invest and  buy physical gold and silver  at the next dip.

'dip' means  the next time the metals pull back in price. pull back in price means  the price goes down.  down means  it cost less to buy some.  this is getting too comical talking to a newbie. thats why I asked what kind of newbie you are.

If youre not a newbie to investing but   just a newbie to miners..... ok, well,   as a former newbie to everything, Ispent the last 5 years studying  day and night  about investing and miners,  and the global  political picture, the currency wars, the corrupt system, etc.....    5 years to get beyond the newbie stage. 

I was a subscriber to Casey  international speculator for a few years.  When the market in miners was bullish from 2009 to  early 2011, Casey newsletter seemed great.... the sky was the limit. 

When  the miners started falling   in 2011 , and   by then, most expert analysts   were all saying how rigged the metals and miners were.....  only Casey  was  saying  no, the metals and miners are not manipulated, keep buying miners..

As the miners collapsed in the past year and a half,  Casey   still said "no, the miners  and metals are not being manipulated... keep buying miners..... thats when I decided  they were blind to the reality in fron of my face.  and I cancelled the newsletter.

Now, I am stuck owning about 20 miners, from Casey's newsletter, they are about 70 % 80 %   in the red since they  were recommended by Casey. I can only wait  to see if they  rally in the coming year or two so I can break even and sell the f*kers.

Jay Taylor  is probably as good as Casey.  There are many newsletters, but in this rigged market at a time of global crisis, where another total system collapse could happen any week  ...this is not a good time to be investing in anything , without  first having an understanding of   the big picture....

For that macro political   vision I highly recommend   Jim Willie's newsletter  Hat Trick newsletter. its by far the best    newsletter  at a fair price, only about 220 dollars a year.

If your investment  funds are tied up in an IRA , such that you cant  close it out without tax penalties, and you have to invest in something.... miners may be ok.   I would  invest alot  into PHYS and PSLV

One thing newsletters  often do  in the presentation of their  recommendations is thy recommend a stock at the wrong  technical time....usually   after the stock took off to the upside, and is  now way overbought,  and so folks start buying it  at a too high price. then price corrects,  and newbies are  may be a good miner to buy, but the price was not the right time to buy.  like now for example,  is the wrong time to buy them. the time to buy was late june .  Now one should wait for a pullback.

If  you PM me I can  offer you  some ideas or my own picks  for miners ,  and what the buy zone target  might  be at.  you only need a half dozen of them.    but even that   depends on how much  $$  you have to invest.

do  you have a self directed account where you make the decisions?

good luck  in your investing.


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Stewart Thomson has a pretty

Stewart Thomson has a pretty good system that takes a lot of the emotion out of investing in stocks. And from my own personal experience, you are your own worst enemy. It's near impossible to time the markets you just have to execute your plan minus the emotions. That being said, Rick Ackerman seems to know his stuff, although I'm not a member. That's one I'm thinking of joining soon. Good luck, you are going to need it.


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Free data

When it comes to free resources:

It's not really a place where you get recommendations, but it covers all the fundamentals like basic financials, production, cash costs and gold in the ground, which always plays an important role when picking winners.


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