Bayou Courne... Louisiana Sinkhole

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Bayou Courne... Louisiana Sinkhole

I've been following this story since the hole was only about one football field in size.  Now it is 24 acres.  My understanding is that the salt dome that is crumbling is a mile deep and 3 miles wide at the bottom, and that it is only one of a series of salt domes.  It was being used to make brine, and I guess they "took a little too much off the top" and weakened the structure, resulting in a collapse  being initiated.  The domes have also been used to store toxic gases, butane, among other toxic wastes.  There is potential for a major explosion of monumental and historic proportions.  Also, lately there are petroleum products surfacing which I believe have been tied to the Macondo / Gulf of Mexico catastrophe, and there have been reports of tidal movement in the sinkhole which would indicate a direct connection to the ocean via underground fissures..ala Matt Simmons.  Discussion?  Feedback? Insights?

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