What happened over at the Mulligan Mint?

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What happened over at the Mulligan Mint?

It seems everywhere you look in the online precious metals world these days, there is talk of the great falling from grace of Rob Gray at the Mulligan Mint. Silver's 2 year hiatus on what was expected to be a one-stop rocket-shot to the moon has roped all the shady businesses of the coin world out into the lamplight. <b>What is this company</b>, and what could they possibly have done to garner such animosity (<i>read: Federal Lawsuits</i>) from the Silverbugs? Grab a shovel, and let's get digging.

<a href='https://mulliganmint.com' target='_blank'><img src="https://comparesilverprices.com/images/what-happened-to-the-mulligan-min..." alt='Mulligan Mint Logo' border='0'></a> If you haven't heard of the Mulligan Mint, you're not alone. They only recently (read: 9 months) became a player in the gold and silver coin markets, after a successful partnership with <a href="https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/www.dont-tread-on.me" target="_blank">Chris Duane</a> led to big sales of the Silver Bullet / Silver Shield coins, the most popular of which has been the <b>Silver Freedom Girl</b>. Well, as it turns out they couldn't keep the coin presses lubricated, and relationships have gone sour left and right.  <img src='https://comparesilverprices.com/images/chris-duane-silver-freedom-girl.png' alt='SBSS Freedom Girl Coin'> <hr> Recently one Redditor explained the drama: <blockquote> 1. Chris Duane and Rob Gray enter into an agreement to design, produce and distribute silver rounds under the name Silver Bullet Silver Shield. 2. Chris is to design them, Rob is to create and distribute them. 3. They go into production and are insanely popular. 4. Rob Gray and team (Mulligan Mint) cannot keep up with the popularity and backlogs (very extensive, months) rear their heads. 5. Chris keeps announcing new rounds, despite the backlog. 6. Rob eventually halts sales in order to catch up with the backlog. He invests in more equipment, employees, etc... in order to do so. 7. Chris feels it isn't enough, goes to Mulligan Mint and demands all money owed to him, the dies, etc... Rob tells him to kick rocks. Rob states he is going to follow through with his promises and will fulfil all orders and release whatever number of rounds they have planned/pending under the SBSS name. 8. Chris pouts and starts mud slinging. His "cult" of followers blame Rob completely and don't think Chris did anything wrong. 9. Rob continues to produce the rounds, finishes up the backlog and opens sales back up. Also released the rounds they already had agreed to do. Ceases all sales for SBSS on the 4th of July. 10. Chris accuses him of theft, among other things. </blockquote> <hr> Of course everything is up for debate at this point, and some will point out how Chris is a Saint and Rob eats babies. It's all a matter of your position and whether or not you have a backlogged order with the Mint. Neither party has dealt with the situation perfectly, however Rob Gray has basically been silent for the most part throughout the whole affair. We will keep you updated as more information comes in on this interesting development in the PM sphere.
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thank you

I read something about this (skewed toward the "RG eats babies" angle) about 36 hours after I bought a John Galt round at the Mulligan Mint booth at a recent mining conference, and felt profoundly guilty. Thanks for posting a point of view that shows (minimally) that I haven't obviously done something clearly obnoxious. I'm ok with doing dumb things as long as there wasn't an easy way to determine beforehand the stupidity of my actions.