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the jeton

"A simple calculation of the probabilities reveals that the more people you are exposed to during your daily travels, the higher the odds that something unpleasant is going to happen. "

in the 1600-1800 these were used as tokens. anyhow they have some made of silver/ FYI

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Tue, Aug 6, 2013 - 2:18am
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a very interesting endeavor

French Jetons offer a particularly fertile field for the collector. France jetons are still available at reasonable
prices, with rare issues offering outstanding value. It will not be long before demand catches up with supply. Also
appealing is the fact that one can, over time, amass a collection of hundreds of jetons, all with different reverse
designs. There are not many other areas of collecting that offer this degree of diversity and value.

not that i want everyone to take this hobby up with me. but i would not i posted this here....the few i have come in contact with of late have extremely fine detail, and in UNC are fabulous examples of strike hundreds of year ago. mintages are not common knowledge. in talking with one local dealer last weekend, he understood average strike to be around 10k with some of the rarer token in the triple digits ... that gets the collector juices in my flowings. esp when i took home this XF 1843 coin, only 160 years older than my first son, for $50 USD.

to me that is a deal and a collection worth working to acquire. happy hunting. i will try and post my finds.

no better time than now
Wed, Aug 14, 2013 - 11:57pm
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Good point,

Jetons are under appreciated. Much like stamps these days. I prefer the tokens moniker but to each his own the 1st one I saw was one kept by my grandfather and handed down made of brass for 1690 something. Turned out it was a copy of a spanish coin used at a time when the spanish mint could not produce and send enough coinage out to its colonies. Sure the value is small but the history is my thinking.

This is one I am saving up for, maybe I will amass a small collection of masonic imagery tokens.

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