Bernanke's Testimony Can Be Summed Up in One Tweet

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Bernanke's Testimony Can Be Summed Up in One Tweet

Axel Merk (@AxelMerk) of Merk Investments made this point on Twitter “Why are there blogs, when there’s Twitter? 140 characters plenty to summarize Bernanke.”

I agree but couldn’t resist banging out a blog post anyway. I tweeted a few times my summary of Bernanke’s testimony this way:

@AxelMerk @WSJ Ben saying it all “depends” “IF” the economy improves as forecast-it won’t without QE so #nofedexit

Fed moderates the pace of QE later this year, and end it around midyear 2014, IF economy evolves as forecast. It won’t so #nofedexit

@joebrusuelas Yep IF, IF IF All based on moving targets and slightly rosy forecasts that if not met, QE continues

Taper? Fed says it may have to Let it Out by a few billion instead if things don’t improve as forecast #nofedexit

How would you summarize Bernanke’s testimony? Tweet to @smaulgld

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