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Asset Protection

Based on a Casey Forum email, I spent some time looking into Lodmell & Lodmell. Has anyone used their service or something similar? They seem to be well known in the asset protection space, but I need to find out alot more about the topic before speaking with them. Thanks.

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I can't say I was a big fan

I can't say I was a big fan of their service. Not bad, but not great. 

I guess it depends if you want to inform yourself, or simply follow a newsletter. 

If I was to recommend a news letter, it would be The Dines Letter. You can listen to interviews with him from KWN. I wouldn't go all in on any of the recommendations he has, but I think he has a solid overall view of the world and brings a lot of value.

If I was to recommend informing yourself, you would need to start with "A Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver". The greatest book I've come across so far on the subject. It explains things in easy to understand terms.

Hope that helps.

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