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New Guy Ideas.

Hello All,

Im going to quit being an ass and focus material where its supposed to be in regard to my sustainability. So here I am in the Prepare Accordingly section.

I been making moves to be less dependent on the system and more independent for myself. I am learning. Work in process.

When I consume less from the EE and more from my community and me, its rewarding.

I have a full scale aquaponics system over 1000 fish/tilapia 1-2 lbs and am growing kale, chard, butter lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, celery and a bunch of other cool stuff. I have been farming in soilless medium for over 10 years and have a company that focuses on distributed energy systems.

Was going to post this on the main boards...'

thought you all would enjoy.

Well back to the prepping.


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