Frustrated - Silver and Bitcoin

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#1 Tue, Apr 2, 2013 - 3:15pm
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Frustrated - Silver and Bitcoin

Here I am again, buying about two weeks ago at 30.34 (total with comission). This helps with the $20k I put in at $44. Of course I am frustrated. World-wide fiat and massive debt, and silver manipulated and controlled BTPTB.

Luckily at the urging of a cousin, I did get a qty at $18 a couple years ago. But man, I stumbled onto Bitcoin two weeks at at $45. Had no idea what it was, did deep research, thought about buying some but emotionally felt too much risk, but logicially figured it would rise. Should've gone with my logic, now at $111 (4.2.2013). Sickens me, could've doubled my fiat (at least) in two weeks.

I'll bet $100 it continues to rise steadily, to $150, 200, etc.

Discussion comments???

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