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BitCoin funding options

Couldn't find an active topic on Bitcoin. I can't belive how draconian the fees and forms of funding are for all the services I've looked at. I would like to keep a small amount of chump change in the system for that "just in case" scenario and I'm going to be traveling through Europe this summer and want to have that option available to me in case stuff happens while I'm there. I got interested a few weeks ago, did some research and opened a couple accounts but didn't like the fees so didn't fund the accounts. Then the market started moving so I bit the bullet paid the fees and purchased my first coin to see how it all worked. I wasn't impressed. I used BitInstant to fund an MTGox account and basically the fees amounted to a little over 10% for the transaction. It took BitInstant almost 24 hours to credit my MTGox account and in that time the market moved about 10%. I haven't gone through the trouble of trying to go in reverse yet, may just sell it to a live person. I signed up for a coinbase account and every time I try to buy a coin they say they are at their daily limit. In my research I've noticed that most of the funding methods are more European friendly. I'm curious if any other US based Turdites have had similar experiences or if I just haven't found the right way to go about it yet...

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